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Just a little help if possible. I’m just in the process of filling out my DLA form and I’m confused about the section where you fill in your illnesses or disabilities. I have PPMS so that bit is easy enough What I’m not sure about is do I then list the disabilities I have due to PPMS eg difficulty walking etc.I’m using the Benefits and Work guide but am stuck with this bit.

Thank you in advance



Hi Oonagh,

I would fill this is as though the person knew nothing about MS

Explain what progressive MS means and that there is no treatment or cure.
Say that you don’t have relapses just get slowly worse – or stay the same.
Talk about your each of your symptoms – mobility, fatigue etc say how each one affects your life. I would use subheadings and write a line or 2 for each.


I’ve recently been through a dla review and had to fill the form in, I also havePPMS. I got the assistance of my local welfare rights office, they filled out the form for me, I got my husband to type up a,little paragraph on each point for them. You must write as much as you can to describe for eg.how you,go,upstairs, any assistance by anyone else,or any aids or adaptions,you have, eg rails, or if your unable to have rails say why. I found its good idea to write down atypical day, from getting up in the,morning. I was very surprised at the help I did,get, having had this help,for 15 years or so it seems second nature, but when,your filling out the form it all helps. Just do a,little bit at a time and go back to it, it all seems very daunting, if you want any help just pm me and if I can I will. Also get as many supporting letters as you can from,any professionals helping,you.

Dear Jane and Deanne,

Thank you both for your geat advice. I think, like everyone, that I’m worried I don’t put enough info down, I think I also don’t want to face up to all the dificulties I have. My partner went through this several years ago so knows how the system works which is helping a lot. He’s typing it all out for me bless him as I have double vision because of stupid neuritis!

I’m definitely going to write down an atypical day as I’m sure that will help a lot.

Thank you both again


Oonagh Great advice from Jane & Deanne. Make sure you keep a copy of what you send back & good luck. Sue

Hi Oonagh, you couldn’t do better than joining the website ‘Benefits and Work’ (about £20 for annual membership) and following their step-by-step guide.

I was orignally denied DLA and when I next applied I followed their guide and got the award I was entitled to. Lots of people on here use the website for applying for any benefits or putting in appeals.

It’s really worth every penny.

Pat x

Hiya Pat,

Read my post again LOL!


Hi Sue,

Thank you, I think I need all the good luck I can get



Oh Sorry Oonagh!!! Power of concentration has gone west!

In that bit I personally would only put ‘primary progressive multiple sclerosis’ and would use the rest of form to describe symptoms in detail (tiny details) with additional pages… but I would add any other dx illness that is not part of ppms.

But we all fill them out a bit differently so doesn’t matter that much. Far more important to describe every way that ppms affects you in reply to every question on form.

Good luck Oonagh…

Pat x

Well said Pat and thank you for more luck



Totally agree with Wendals; treat them as ignorant of MS; as if they no nothing; which they probably don’t.

Just a few ideas of the way you should answer the questions.

While hobbling along the High Street I keep near to the shops. This aids me in two ways; I am less likely to fall into the road and I can stop and look in shop windows to get a rest; (I can testify that Ann Summers has the best window display) lol.

To get High Rate you must show you need help during the night. Say something like, “I get up 2/3/4 times per night to go to the toilet, sometimes to no avail.” “My husband has to accompany me; this takes about 45 minutes each time and obviously breaks his sleep.” “It’s amazing just knowing he is there gives me so much confidence.” “He has to accompany me because once I fell over and slept where I lay that night, good job it was the middle of summer and warm.”

Contact DIAL http://www.dialuk.info/ who will come around your house and help with the forms. Or Benefits and work http://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/ who give excellent advice costs £19.40 per year. The DLS give excellent free advice http://www.dls.org.uk/advice/factsheet/factsheets_download.html it is essential you get help.

Any question like ‘How far you can walk’ is how far you can walk before you get pain or discomfort. If you can walk say 200 yards but are in discomfort or pain after 1 yard the answer is 1 yard.

Simple rule ‘don’t say one word when 100 will do’ in other words explain in detail. Always quote your worst; they appreciate MS is a variable condition but don’t you say it. Be very careful though as there are some mistakes you could make like do not say you’re housebound as that begs the question why do you need the mobility component? Say “I would like to go out more if I could afford to” The examples are that examples if they are not true don’t use them.

Don’t forget look at the DLS website; lots of good; free info.

Good luck


Thank you George Oh, and I think my partner would appreciate me resting against an Ann Summers window .