Hi everyone, hope your all as well as yu can be, just wanted to know if anyone hd the answer to this.

I’m in the support group for ESA, that’s after an appeal the first time around, anyway 18mths later I’m being re-assessed like everyone else, I sent my forms back on the 12th September, they needed them back by the 20th and as of today I still haven’t heard anything, now when I was originally being looked at it took about 6mths before I heard anything, is this about the same when your being re-assessed, or should I have heard something by now, I look forward to your answer’s on this, thanks Jean x

Hello Jean

Did you send your paperwork in the normal post? I sent mine by special delivery.

It can take up to 3 months, which means you should be hearing anytime up to around the 12th December.

If your worried, give them a ring in the morning.

All the best, Noreen

Hi Blossom,

Thanks fo your reply, yes I did send it normal post, so I’m hoping they got it no later than the 15th, 3 mths, so fingers crossed any time soon,

Thanks again x x

Hi Jean, if it was me, Id give em a call to check everything is in order.

luv Pollx

Hello There are some delays at the moment as ATOS staff are being retrained following a number of reviews & some backlash from MPs amongst others. It could take a while yet but worth following up Regards Me


Thanks for your replies, I’ve decided if I haven’t heard anything by early next week I will ring them, thanks again, Jean x