Do you have a Stair lift?

Hi everyone. Can I just pick up on this older thread as I’ve been having an interesting discussion about stairlifts over on the Women With MS Facebook group?

We’re planning some work on our lounge/dining room which will include decoration of hall and landing. The Sunday Times Home Section had a good article last week about stairlifts - very comprehensive. It got me thinking.

I’m 65, dxd three years ago, now probably SPMS I’m told by the neuro, and will be having another MRI and consultation in the next couple of months to see what’s happening. Husband is 70, good health. We’re planning to stay in our house rather than downsize. Should we be considering having a stairlift of some sort put in before the decoration is done? I manage OK on the stairs now but some days it’s quite difficult getting up there! Thank heavens we have a downstairs loo!

My parents had a stairlift put in many years ago, which I don’t think was too disruptive and helped them a lot. My dad is no longer with us and my mum has advanced dementia so I can’t ask her.

Since none of us MSers really know what’s around the corner, am I being a) practical or b) overly pessimistic? After all, I might always be able to manage, but in 10 years time will I be regretting not having done it while I was able?

Would appreciate your comments!


Oh Anne I’d be ever so grateful to take your lift if it’s not claimed. Like others I’ve been told I can have a through ceiling lift… no thank you I’ve no space Tilly x

do you know you replied to a post that was put on 5 year ago,i doubt she still has the stairlift.

I am in a similar situation. So, I got these (removed by moderator) wide. If you think that your husband’s situation will not get any better for a long time, consider buying one for your house. However, it is still best to ask an expert for this one. The good news is most stairlift providers have professional consultants that can help you decide on your unique case.

Hi wow this was years ago. Since this message hubby had a stairlift and after a year was too weak for it. Then a through floor lift now since 2018 he is bedbound.