Do you agree?

Hi Everyone, hope you’re all well. I was on another forum today and mentioned that you can have a good quality of life with ms but someone else then said that this isn’t possible.

I know I have my ups and downs as I’m sure you all do, but despite the fact that I have health issues and find things challenging at times I believe that life is still good. I’ve had to adjust how I do things and have found new hobbies. I lost some so called friends but made new ones.

So I’m just wondering if any of you agree with me or if I’m very deluded. Thanks for spending the time reading my little mini rant. I’m so confused!!!

Cath xx

Hello Cath.

You are not deluded at all and whatever our difficulties in life whether it be caused by ms or other difficulties it is about how we deal with it, we can still be positive and still laugh and appreciate the good things… you may not be able to change chronic illness but you can adjust your thinking… iv’e had an exhausting and yet wonderful time recently whizzing around the park in my wheelchair with Frazer (assistance dog) smelling the spring air and admiring the daffodills and yet sometime i feel a real shock horror at how much iv’e been affected by my disability… i see my self as of 2 years ago running round on my sons paper round blissfully unaware of any of this… but one thing it has taught me is to appreciate the small things and to value the people that i love and sometimes I am humbled and moved with appreciation that my husband and children really love me and the fact that i’m in a wheelchair and cant do what i’d love to do doesn’t matter to them i am still loved and valued by those that matter.

Take care Cath never lose your sense of humour sending Big Hugs Michelle x

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Cath, I have my moments where I wobble but generally I agree and of course it’s ok to be happy - you are NOT delusional!

Sonia xx

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NO YOUR NOT they are the delusional ones. Life is what you make of it if they can’t make anything of it they are very sad indeed. As Forest Gump said life’s a box of chocolates. They are missing out if they can’t enjoy what we have. I find joy in everything and laugh in the face of aversion. I wear my pants on top of my trouser, I am a superman. (Inside my head that’s how I roll reality is slightly different)

Sausages to them I say. Smile and the whole world smiles with you cry and your a weak lily livered… you get the picture.

Love from Margate and Happy Easter XXX DON

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You’re not delusional Cath, I agree with everyone!

You’ve had some fantastic replys that were such a joy to read.

We do lead funny little lives but that really doesn’t mean we can’t be happy…but we all know what it’s like to get the days when we struggle to feel like that!

Take care everyone, HAPPY EASTER!

Love Nina x

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thanks Min, for putting this in i agree totally with you and it was like reading about me, my last rant was about how some people are treating me, I don’t need sympathy or pity and i have the ability to move on and endeavour to live with this condition, afraid it is other folk who have the pity eyes don’t need them and don’t want them to be part of my life, I would rather laugh and crack a joke than moan about my condition, I also don’t have the patience to be in company with folk that do this so try and avoid them like the plague, even though hubby said they are only concerned, ahhhhh


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Hi min off course you can have a good quality off life ,life,s just what you make it

Probably depends to a degree on the persons nature my wife and I lead as normal a life

As most people I can’t walk to far or to quickly but we go caravaning and enjoy it

It’s not good to to dwell to much on the downside of this horrible illness. G

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My cup is half full, always has been with or without MS.

Jan x


We laugh more than we cry, and make the very best of things as well as we can. So I can’t do all the active things that I used to, but I’ve still got lots of plans and projects, loads of good friends and a wonderful family, two lovely cats and a comfortable home. What’s not to be thankful for?

“Life is just a bowl of All Bran- you wake up every morning and it’s there.” ((Small Faces 1967)


Some people see the glass half empty, I try really hard not to let MS define me! Happy Easter stick with the positiveM

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Thank you so much everyone. Maybe I’m a softie (well I know I am) but that response really hurt me. It probably wasn’t meant to but I couldn’t stop thinking about it and it made me cry. For someone to tell me that a good quality of life wasn’t possible for anyone with ms made me think about my age (45) and the fact that I could live for another 30 odd years and should it be miserable?

Your responses were just what I needed. Every day brings challenges, symptoms etc but I have a lovely family and friends, a home I love and am very proud of and hobbies and pastimes I enjoy. I also have you, my online friends whose posts I enjoy and support I appreciate. I live in a beautiful part of the country and it’s coming into spring when it comes to life in so many ways.

I think I’m a very lucky woman and you have definitely made me feel that yes, we do have a quality of life that is up to us to make the most of. There are many healthy people out there that have less than I do and appreciate life less. Thank you again, your support has once again pulled me out of the doldrums.

I wish you all a happy Easter, let’s eat chocolate and celebrate what we have. I feel so much better now.

Cath xx