Anniversay Blues

It was a year on Monday since i officially got PPMS, have had a positive attitiude all the time. But since Monday have spent a lot of time mulling things over, do others go through the same ?

You’ve done amazingly well to maintain a positive attitude …not easy when newly dx. I know that I have days when my positivity goes through the floor and I sit here feeling sorry for myself and wondering is this what the rest of my life will be like. Then the sun shines, a pretty bird pops on to the feeder or one of my beloved grandchildren will send me a text …totally out of the blue…saying I love you grandma. Suddenly all is well withthe world again! I’m sure we all have days like this…after all we do have a tremendous amount to contend with…don’t be too hard on yourself…you’ve done so well up to now! Take care and best wishes , Nina x

I was only diagnosed earlier this year and I still can’t really believe how much my llife has changed.

On the flipside, I can’t believe how quickly this year has flown by!

I agree though, I didn’t think I could feel so many differing emotions so close together. It’s been strange and I’m sure it will be just as strange to look back at it.

I try to stay positive too but I do have some good old wobbles on that score and I don’t think I’ll ever really get past that

Sonia x

Thank you , I thought I’d managed fine, but this week has knocked me back a bit, still got to keep going as i said thanks x

Oh hon like the others said, we all get times like that. Just try to roll with it.

I was dx nearly 5 years ago and still get days when I can’t believe it and I look back a little and feel sad … but they pass. Acknowledging the bad feelings is what’s important… and you’ve done that in your post.

Just remember, you’ve got through this past year ok and you’ll get through the next one too.

Pat x

Hello, I was dx 20 years next March, although I’d know from 1990. I’m still kicking-sometimes even voluntarily, and my quality of life is still good, often wonderful. There are many ways to keep positive and think about the good things in life. In this country, despite the idiots who park unnesseccarily in disabled bays, there is so much I can still do and see. We all have dark times but mine are outweighed by the good times. This forum helps enormously. Best wishes, Steve.

Hi. I was also only diagnosed this year and continue to attempt to stay positive, especially for my friends and family who get really concerned as I also have a history of depression and other physical limitations. Forcing myself to find positive aspects of my new life has also helped me in a way as I focus on it more than my problems.

I’ve been keeping occupied with hobbies, even started evening classes. Just this has improved my mood so much. There are times though when I get quite down and spending time on these forums help a lot as I know everyone here has been through everything I have. They talk from experience when they reply to posts from me and others, they’re all so friendly and supportive.

With any permanent illness we have to grieve for what we’ve lost, and like any other loss, everyone responds differently and for different lengths of times. Don’t beat yourself up, it’s possible you could have been going through a form of denial and now suddenly it has hit you. Whatever the case is, use all the support sources you have, friends, family, forums, medical professionals etc. If things get bad maybe it’d be worth seeing your gp as you may be starting with depression, many of us have it and use anti depressants, there’s no shame in it.

Cath xx