Do we demand too much?

Hello everyone.

Just got back from the Southbank Centre. The concert was fantastic, we had brilliants seats in a wheelchair box, the trains were on punctual and Rose had a lovely time with her grandparents. The only trouble was the standard of facilities at the Southbank. Is it too much to ask for bigger lifts where only three other people can fit in with a wheelchair, resulting in long waits and short tempers to get to one’s seat? Is it too much to ask for the short wheelchair lift to the disabled loo to be working? (As opposed to going back down on tiny lift in a 20 minute interval.)

The Southbank will tell you how much they’ve invested and how wheelchair friendly the place is, but in reality, today it seemed little more than a token gesture. After Michelle’s business with the bus last week, I feel it worth mentioning this. I mean isn’t the Southbank one of the country’s leading art venues?

Best wishes, Steve.


Now I remember why I dont go out much


What a shame Steve,

Its hard enough going out, without having to leap through hoops…sometimes you feel as if we just don’t matter any more if only they could have a day in our shoes and feel the panic we feel when you need the loo desperately but the lifts not working or someone non disabled has gone in the only loo we can use…that happened to me at a national trust property I was waiting a good 10 minutes and a man in his 30s appeared although he did get a talking to by the staff as they also spotted him too…I try not to judge as some have hidden disabilities but some people are thoughtless particulary when it doesn’t affect them.

I hope it didn’t spoil your day Steve…don’t let it put you off going out.

Love Michelle x


Don, that’s a classic case of citing and referencing!


Steve I used to go with friends to listen to the Jazz bands at a local hotel but the loo’s are downstairs the chinese restaurants were either up steps or or stairs. I could go on but if you expect the worst you normally wont be disappointed. My expectations are never exceeded.


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I think the big mistake, whether it be buses or buildings, is they build in the ‘wheelchair’ stuff without actually talking to a disabled person!!!

It’s ridiculous. If they got a small group of wheelchair users together at design stage these things would all be so much better.

But I also think that it is often a ‘token’.

The South Bank should be ashamed of themselves. In fact Steve, if you’re up to it, you should email them and tell them!

Pat xx


They often do use accessibility consultants at design stage with a new venue, but probably try to cater for all disabled users, not just wheelchair ones. The problem is addressing existing buildings particularly old ones. I’m afraid you can’t cater for those people who use lifts, accessible loos etc when they don’t need to…


I’m in agreement with you Pat, They need to get a group of wheelchair users and ask them. My neighbour around the corner is a wheelchair user he has been disabled for many years and is in his 70s He works at the mobility shop and also works as a mystery shopper checking out hospitals and other venues for there accessability he was telling me that disabled hospital toilets are often the worst for wheelchair use.

Michelle x


Wheelchairs are useful when there’s someone to help. It’s tough by yourself. Off putting. I just wait for lifts & carry on using my stick. Use it or loose it people. Take care out there.

Terry :slight_smile:

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