Do I miss work?

Hello everybody.

This is only vaguely connected with MS but it’s one of those things which go through my mind at this time of year. Once a teacher, I suppose.

Best wishes, Steve.


I loved your blog Steve, I must be going soft it made me cry reading about the little girl…your music lessons made such a difference to her. What a lovely thing to remember.

Michelle x


Brilliant blog Steve as usual, thanks. Really touching and a lovely memory to hold on to, that has to be pure work satisfaction, definitely a job well done.

Pam x


Steve, this brought so many memories flooding back, even though it’s 25 years since I left teaching. As a middle school teacher I taught mainly years 6 & 7. I found that to be a delightful age range.By the summer term you’d have built up a great relationship with your class. The last day of the term was always bittersweet for me, we’d say goodbye and I’d know that when they came back in September their allegiance would be transferring to their new teacher. But for that moment on the last day there would be a lot of love in the air.

I still chuckle at the memory of some of the end of term presents. David Meacham’s parents must have decided that aftershave would be suitable. He solemnly handed it over to me, wrapped of course. When I saw what it was I had to express great delight and gratitude as I stroked my full beard.


Oh Kev that did make me smile, …aftershave when you have a beard…still it’s the thought that counts.

Pam x


Steve my house is like a florist shop. Our daughter in law is a primary school teacher and our daughter is a class room assistant the had so many beautiful flowers they shared them out among family and friends and our son got married this weekend which meant loads more flowers. It’s all or nothing here.

You must have some wonderful memories Steve.


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Thanks for letting us in on your enjoyment, satisfaction & the little things that mean a lot. I’m sure their were some frustrating days, but it’s so clear you hold genuine affection & understanding for your pupils.

There are many adults who remember their teachers names during those important formative years age 3 to 12. So I’m sure you will be very fondly remembered & thought of for years.

Chris x

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That’s a lovely blog. I still remember some of my teachers so well. I think I first fell in love with one of my teachers, when he stooped down and used his fresh handkerchief to get the fly out of my eye, it flew in when we were running, horrible.

Consequently, I have always admired tall men, that will bend to look a short girl in the eye rather than look down at her.

I was probably about 10 but Mr D (scary tall bloke, with mad red hair and a horrid car!) totally set me up to get the measure of a decent bloke, when I met one I never married a tall bloke but a total gentleman. Some lessons were remembered well.

Sonia x