Do I have MS??

I have recently been advised that i had a CIS, with a 90% chance of developing MS. I had many lesions on my MRI scan. Since i had my ‘episode’, loss of balance, loss of feeling in my left side, tight band around my torso, blurred vision… I still 6 months on have limited use of my left hand and arm, i also have constant tingling and numbness in my hands. I have also had a couple of falls recently.

I have been referred to an MS nurse ‘just in case’ and she thinks that this is just my existing conditions lingering. She has asked my neurologist who agrees. I am due to see the neurologist in January, but is this MS??? A difficult one to answer!

IMO (and i don’t know jack-bo-diddly-bawls but, it sounds like) it is what they say it is.

just get on with your life, adapt to the lingering inconveniences until they fade away and hope that by some fluke you fall within the 10% of people who have such an attack and do not see a relapse which brings with it, the stamp of MS.

good luck. chin up. keep on keeping on!

I obviously can’t answer your question, but there is stacks of information on the Barts Blog concerning CIS and MS. Just use the search facility.

Hi Foxy Girl

I was given the same prognosis following my CIS. I pushed hard to get on a DMT and some months after I started on Rebif. I had follow up MRI’s at 3 and 9 months following my CIS and there was no change. A fourth MRI some 2 years later showed a new lesion and I was formally diagnosed. I started Lemtrada shortly after. If you have not been offered a follow up MRI I would ask for one. It will either put your mind at rest or confirm your fears - if its the latter you are in a stronger position to get on DMT’s.

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