DMTs at home

Hi everyone. I’m looking for a bit of advice. I’m due to start DMDs soon and get my first delivery next week. The info I have is that a nurse will come to my home to show me how to inject myself but my MS nurse initially told me I would go to the hospital for this and she would show me. I left a message for the nurse over a week ago but she hasn’t called me back yet - I know they are busy and have a lot of patients so didn’t want to chase again. Does anyone else have experience of the home care service and how it works? When they called to arrange delivery they didn’t mention anyone coming to my home for training etc… I’d be grateful of any advice. This bit all feels quite overwhelming so to know what I can expect would help a bit with the anxiety. I know I’ve come a long way since diagnosis but this one feels like a big hurdle to get over. Thanks in advance, Jo

Hiya Jo

To be honest, it will vary from place to place. So you’ll have to find out what is normal for your own area.

Is your MS nurse the same nurse who’s supposed to be coming to your home? If it’s someone from the drug delivery company, it’s quite likely that they will be making a different arrangement than that made by your MS nurse.

If you know who the drug delivery company are, give them a call on Monday and find out (look for their website). If you don’t know the delivery company, and there are quite a few, then your only option is to try the MS nurse again.

Best of luck with it - just typical really, you worry about the new regime, injecting yourself for the first time does leave you a bit fraught with nerves, the last thing you want is uncertainty about how, when and where it’s to occur.


When I started with mine it was the drug company nurse that came to my home, but as Sue said, it probably differs from place to place.

OK, thanks guys. I’ve since found out that I will go to the hospital and my MS nurse will train me. Start next Tuesday. Eek. It’s a big step but one I’m mostly pleased to be taking.

Hello Joey - it is daunting injecting yourself in the beginning, but you’ll soon get the knack of it. My MS nurse came to my house for my first injection and had to remain with me for around 30 minutes to ensure that i didn’t have any reaction to the injection. I was given a dummy practice injection gadget, which I used for many many months, which helped to give me confidence to inject correctly when injecting. Ask your MS nurse for one. I only inject every two weeks. Just follow the instructions given by the MS nurse and hopefully all will go well.

Thank you. I started yesterday and it went really well. The actual injection was fairly easy so I was pleased. I’m sure it’ll soon become my normal.

That’s great Joey. Hope it continues to go well.