Have recently been diagnosed with RRMS and been offered a choice of DMD’s. My MS specialist says i am suitable for the new drug Tecfidera if NICE gives it the final go ahead. How do patients get hold of their medication, is it given on prescription, or is it delivered to you. Am sure i read somewhere that the medication was delivered to your home address. If this is not correct and it is done by prescription do patients have to pay prescription charges or are MS patients excempt from charges?


hi max

my copaxone is paid for by the NHS and is delivered to my door.

i’d imagine that all dmds are the same.

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carole x

My Betaferon is delivered to my home address and I have never paid a prescription charge. As it’s injections, they also bring and take away the Sharps bin.

No idea about DMDs, but MS patients are not exempt from ordinary prescription charges. If you need medication that isn’t a DMD and you normally pay for your prescriptions, you’ll have to pay for it. I found this out recently the hard way.

If you have lots of medications on prescription, look into getting a pre-payment certificate. However if you have one item per month or less, pre-payment isn’t worth it and you’re stuck with paying the charges.

Tecfidera will be delivered to your door. The NHS Trust or hospital looking after you pays the bill in England. Tecfidera has been given the green light and as long as there are no hold ups (appeals) neurologists should be able to prescribe to it MSers from end of October this year. Some trusts it may be early November.

Hi Max

When I was on Avonex, it was delivered free to the address I requested, i.e. my work address as I was not at home during the day. This was done very reliably by BUPA.

Prescriptions still have to be paid for, but they are free if you are claiming Working Tax Credit.

If you have a choice of DMDs, I fully recommend Tysabri if you have problems getting Tecfidera. Tysabri is given in an hour-long infusion in hospital out-patients every fourth week. I find it a very relaxing procedure, negates the need to get DMDs delivered and is less traumatic than self injecting.

Emma x

I’ve been off Copaxone for 2 years but it looks like my consultant will want me on one or other of the DMDs in the next month or 2 after 2 relapses in the past 16 months, any one had Tecfidera yet?

im new here as of today.

There is a low income scheme for NHS prescriptions


This means that people on certain benefits including income support and also on a low income will not have to pay for NHS prescriptions but you need to apply for the certificate. HC1 form to complete. It doesn’t seem to state what they class a low income as and I found this on the question and answers page. If you are not entitled to full help with costs they do offer partial help.

Q. What is the maximum income I can receive that would still enable me to qualify for full help?

A. Each claim is assessed individually based on the information contained in the HC1 claim form. There is no ‘maximum’ amount as it depends entirely upon the circumstances of an individual / family.