I was wondering if anyone can explain to me if I was asked to go for a medical and was taken off sickness benefit would I also loose my DLA as I am getting quite worried about all of this .

Dizzy as far as I can tell DLA is a seprate benefit and you can claim DLA even if you are not on any other benefits or waiting to hear about other benefits.DLA is for those who need help wether they have been diagnosed or not.

If DLA has been awarded to you and your specialists or doctor backed this up then you should not loose it.

I am sure others will input with there helpfull information.

Thanks for your help

Your welcome dizzy.Also sickbenefit is now being turned into ESA.This entails a call from the benefits agency,then a questionair is sent out for you to fill in and send back.Then possibly a medical…

There are two types of ESA.

Have you received any letters about ESA ?

A medical for ESA and a medical for DLA are two seprate benefits,seprate issues and seprate medicals.

I have a nephew who works and gets paid and also receives DLA…

My DLA letter says indefinitely would that still stand no matter what

Also here is a good resource on how to fill in any forms.

dizzy my DLA says indeffinate,however with all the changes the goverment are planning and that they have followed through with I can not for certain say that you would still get it indeffinate.They may call us in for a medical periodicaly to see if we are any better or worse.I honestly cannot answer this question.

Im only on low mobility and have asked for a review on my DLA to try and get a higher rate.I realy need the higher rate.

Being on DLA indefinate we were still targeted by the Job Focus scheme.We still had to travel to the job centre for work focus interviews.However I found out you could have a phone call interview wich I did have.

So nothing is a sure thing with the way the benefits shake up is going on.Im sorry if I have now worried you more but I cannot answer this question and be certain of the answer I can give.


Hi Dizzy,

When my son went for his medical assessment for ESA his DLA award was also looked at. Even though one benefit is supposed not to be connected to the other, seems cross checking is being done all the time.

Tell it as it is, and dont forget the chronic nature of ms and how you have ups and downs. My son was actually found to have more problems than we knew existed! So in reality they did us a favour.

Good luck,



Thanks to you all I am much better now that I know how it goes X

You are very welcome dizzy11,sorry we couldnt say a deffinate yes or no…