Hi everyone
I’m just wondering, is joint dislocation something that would be common to people with MS?

Hi, dont think I`ve heard anyone saying dislocation is a common symptom…but you never know…have you asked your MS nurse or neuro?


Hi Polly,

I haven’t got an MS nurse…I was just referred last week for tests, and MS is only one of the possibilities. I was sort of making the connection between the muscle weakness I sometimes hear of in relation to MS, and dislocations, which I suffer from. I’ve never heard of actual dislocations with MS, either, though.

look into Ehlers-Danlos syndrome if you suffer from a lot of dislocations. could be many things but not a lot of people know about EDS

my son, aged 28 has a connective tissue disorder.

it hasn’t been given a name but he works hard and sometimes comes home and goes straight to bed.

he has awful stretch marks on his back which is due to his condition.

carole x

I had a Google for EDS a while back. I don’t fit it at all in that I have none of the other signs and symptoms and the dislocations are isolated to my knees. I had tendon shortening surgery and the surgeon said I had shallow ‘grooves’ for my knees, but some physios have blamed it on weak quads which I do have but they makes no sense as I have always been active. So it could be because of the shallow grooves, and the weak quads making it worse…but why the weak quads :frowning: No matter what I’ve done they’ve never really improved.
Now I have ferocious spasms in my thighs, and some MS-Like symptoms, so I think I was muddling the two separate issues (bad knees, newer symptoms) together. I suppose I could simply have bad knees, and possibly MS now, too. Not that I’m self-diagnosing…

Thank you all for your kind comments

What are some of the other things that it might be, please? Google didn’t really suggest much, and I find it a bit nauseating to keep reading the graphic medical descriptions and trying to scroll past the X-Rays of knees, while trying to find information :frowning:

could just be bad knees or a connective tisue disorder. Last time I messed up my knee, the doctor suggested i might have Joint hypermobility because of how far i can move my joints and said if that is the case its probably genetic due to a family history of it. (my dad was always dislocating his knees but not much else)

not much point really googling MS symptoms since they can actually turn out to be so many things. if after you get a diagnoses it can be handy to look for things, but at this stage you are probably just going to stress yourself out wondering what is wrong :slight_smile:

but do remember with any illness or disease you will probably not have all if any of the symptoms, which is why MS is one of those lovely ones where it is pretty much a diagnoses off elimination to rule out everything else

I do have double jointed elbows but that’s about it. But if it was just the knees in your dad’s case then I imagoine it could be a possibility. I will take a look at that link, thank you.
I know what you mean about googling beforehand, and the symptom lists are common to so many different illnesses and only a medical specialist could tell me whether I have MS… The last thing I’d do is diagnose myself, but Google, or rather the MS and MND sites, have been helpful in identifying things that might be worth mentioning to the GP, and actually putting my mind at ease a bit r.e MND (which I’m more afraid of, not meaning to belittle the seriousness of MS in any way!). I felt like the odd, seemingly random ‘symptoms’ (if that’s what they were), were too silly to mention, before. Now thanks to the internet I at least know they are worth mentioning, although they could turn out to be ‘nothing’. Even with my legs spasming so badl I probably wouldn’t have seen the point to asking to be checkout out if I hadn’t learned about MS symptoms, because it never occured to me that I might have any neurological problems.

To be honest, I’m more worried about my blood tests than anything. Although I’m not high risk for anything in particular it doesn’t stop me worrying. I suppose it is my anxiety disorder making me catastrophize. I’m trying to remind myself that I’m not losing weight, I don’t have stomach upsets, not a drug user and don’t actually feel in any way ‘ill’, I’ve just got mostly muscular issues. I still think I might take the Valium I was given for the MRI day, before I go to find out about my blood tests instead.

I just dislocated my knee twice Easter weekend, I was already in the hospital recovering from a MS flare up… But because MS can cause muscle weakness, the muscles surrounding my knee didn’t keep it in place…