Hi, only yesterday, I was trying to comfort someone on this board who had been discharged with no diagnosis and a feeling of just been kicked to the roadside.

I included in my reply, the fact that although I still have an unclear diagnosis, I have never been discharged after 14 years of it all.

Then lo and behold, today I get this horrid letter telling me I had been discharged, through missing my last neuro appointment. It is a huge clerical error, on the part of the hospital and I am furious about it. I have never missed appointments.

As to actually being told I was discharged, it has made me understand even more how hopeless it feels to be told that, with no light at the end of any tunnel!

luv Pollx

Oh that’s bad!

All I can do is wish you well with dealing it.

Good luck!


Oh no :-(. Call your gp on Monday and explain see if they can get you back in the system xx

Hi Poll, I am sure that you will get it sorted soon.

Take Care

Moyna x

Cheers all for your replies. My phone will be red hot tomorrow.

My main worry is that even after i`ve spoken to the necessary depts, I wont be reinstated.

Maybe my GP will step in and ensure I am.


Hope you get it sorted out Poll.

Sharon x