Disability athletics

So, it was always my big dream to return to running as a veteran athlete in the 400m and 800m this year(I was a good runner in my younger years and county champion). Until MS put a stop to this, this year due to frequent falls, foot drop, fatigue and not being able to run over a mile!!! It was the training that led me to realise something was really wrong!!

Than the neuro was chatting to me last week and said “don’t change what you want to do, just adapt it!” And I thought that’s right! After watching the wonderful Jo Pavey and the European athletes I have contacted disabled athletics for England to try and find a coach and get classified as a disabled athlete - why not be a “disability” veteran runner over anything less than the 800m? They are yet to get back but feeling hopeful! People may scoff and it may take me a lot longer to run these distances now but who cares?? Fingers crossed I hear something positive!



I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you Stacey.

Good luck to you.


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Good luck

Jan x

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never mind if it takes you longer to run it at least you are up for giving it a go, I go swimming if that is what you call it now but i honestly think it keeps me sain so go for it and good luck

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I’d say - go for it. I’ve always swum myself albeit not competitively.

If it’ll inspire you to give it a go then my hometown of Swansea is hosting the IPC European Chmponships from today August 18th- August 24th and you can wach it live via Channel 4’s digital More4 channel


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