Direct payments for Sitting Service

Hi there, I was wondering wether anyone gets direct payments for a sitting service for their loved ones? Do you use it and how do you utilise the hours youve been given say for example you have been given 6 hours a week.

Hi, as you may already have read, I use Direct ayments to fund my care.

I realise you`re on the other side to me, but maybe I can suggest some things.

This sitting service…I take it you are the carer and have had a carers assessment, which has awarded you 6 hours a week…yeh?

You will need to employ someone to sit with the cared for person and pay them an hourly rate.I pay my contracted carers £8.90 an hour and £10 an hour to a self employed carer. The amount you are given will allow for their hourly rate, plus insurance and tax, if it is paid.

This would free you up fo 6 hours…perhaps you go shopping, lunch with a friend, go bowling, swimming or to the cinema. Or perhaps you coud take an adult ed class.

Any good?

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Hi again.

Have you got anywhere with this yet?

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Hello, if you have had a carers assessment you should be allocated flexible break vouchers which you can use to pay for a sitting service. These are free, so you should not need to use your direct payment.

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