Direct Payments .....ENHAM

Hi All

I have had nothing but problems with Enham who are employed by my Council to I was informed deal with everything including contracts.

I received an email months after the fact from Enham that PPE was supplied by council, weve struggled beyond belief
in trying to obtain ppe.

The law changed and an employee should have a contact on day they start, this also happened months after the fact, in addition to now have to deal with contracts yourself.

The contracts they sent said things like ref 4.3 there was no 4.3!!! Ref he should have been she ( these are legal documents)

Pay has been messed up because they told HMRC that my employee had a pension.

The list goes on- the stress these people (so called there to help vulnerable people), are continuing to cause is monumental.

Thw list is beyond a joke!!!

Anyone else had experience good or bad??

Hi, not exactly sure what you mean…is it the accounting agency who deal with your carer`s pay?

If so I have one of those. But not had problems with contracts etc. You need to speak to your DP manager at the council.

Can you change the company?


Hi Bouds, Enham are the company that tell me how much to pay to both the tax people and employee and up until a month ago dealt with contracts. I spoke with my social worker, who couldn’t believe what I went through, she referred it, came back saying after looking into it your not the only one and it’s likely they will look their contract. 2 weeks later if I have a complaint need to put it in writing to Enham!! No point wasting my life complaining to a backwards company which will most certainly be a whitewash. The council doesnt use anyone but them. Thanks Bouds