direct payments change is fuddling my brain

Hi all, I recently asked for an increase in care hours, as hubby is struggling even more to help me.

A social worker came and said he needed to do a full assessment, as they now put answers to questions into a computer. Each answer you gives scores a monetary value. he took it away and rang me the next day to say i had budget of a certain amount…I expected him to say how many hours I was awarded.

Then someone came who sets up the care package. she mentioned the budget and said it was her job to bring my care costs under budget…!!! What`s that all about? She asked me what I needed carers to do. When we talked about me showering every day, she asked why did I need a shower every day…???

I answered quickly with Well I am incontinent and need cleaning up!

Now I am waiting for my case to go before an approval panel.

I thought that was already sorted, as the social worker had told me what i was found needing!

When I was assessed initially, by a social worker, her word was enough.

Budgets cuts i suppose.

Anyone else suffered due to these cuts in their care needs?

luv Pollx

Hi, i myself don’t need care YET. I feel for you and anyone else in this position as the government are never on the side of people who really need help but i’m sure if you were a drunk they would send you to a nice clinic all expenses paid and all your needs taken care of, even find you a cosy place to live and a job when you come out. Makes me sick when genuine people get grilled.

Fight for what you are entitled too.

Good luck sonia x

Hi Poll,

What a rotten thing for them to do especially as a short while ago you thought you were all sorted with your extra care.

I agree with Sonia, fight for it, you deserve it and you surely are entitled to it. Blinking government cutbacks. I’d like to see them live on what we have to.

Good luck and don’t give up.

Janet x

it stinks poll. the whole system stinks these days. care in the community is becoming a joke. we dont matter to this government as we are a drain on ‘society’. the less of us there are the better. more money in the fat cats pockets. it all comes down to money and profit and theres no profit in us.

oh my, i am a cheery chappie tonight.


Hi Poll

I don’t think this is a case of government cutbacks. What I think this is about is a complete overhaul of the Direct Payment system to make it more flexible, and for you to be able to use the money for things other than just paying a carer. However, this obviously hasn’t been explained to you at all.

I just had my re-assessment a couple weeks ago where, like you, the answers I gave affect how many points I get and therefore how much money. But whereas with the old way of doing things you were given money for a certain number of hours of care, now you get a personal budget for the year and you come up with a support plan for how you want to spend the money. So as well as paying for a carer, you could use the money to buy specialist equipment, or for taxis to be able to go out. The support plan then just needs to be be approved.

If you google ‘self directed support’ you’ll find lots of information about it on the websites of various councils (try searching your council’s website too), and also examples of support plans people have written. Personally I think it’s a really good thing, as it allows so much more flexibility (one of the things I want to use it for is to buy a portable wheelchair ramp).

Sorry it’s been so badly explained by your council, but I think it can be a really good thing.


Hi Poll Can’t believe this . It’s dreadful. I bet if you asked the woman who asked you if you needed a shower every day the same question, she would be indignant and say that of course she wants a daily shower. As far as I’m concerned that is a basic human right. This is very stressful for you when you thought it was all sussed. I’m sorry you’re having to worry again. Hope they sort it out quickly for you and make it suit you too. Love Teresa xx

Hi Dan, thank you ever so much, for taking the time to explain this for me. i am surprised to learn the money can aslo be used for specialised equipment. As for paying for taxis, doesn`t this come out of our DLA mobility component?

I will do the google and see what it says.

Hope you care package suits your needs too.

Take care.

luv Pollx

Thanks to all who replied on this topic.

I`ll let you know what the outcome is when they get back to me.

luv Pollx

Hi Pollx.

They no when to kick a person when they are down,as if you dont have enough problems.

Glad to see that you are fighting this,and hope for a good result.[do they know who thay have take on,one thing for sure is that you are a fighter]

Fares for Taxis is run by your own council i think, and nothing to do with DLA.

You Take Care.



Hi Pollx.

They no when to kick a person when they are down,as if you dont have enough problems.

Glad to see that you are fighting this,and hope for a good result.[do they know who thay have take on,one thing for sure is that you are a fighter]

Fares for Taxis is run by your own council i think, and nothing to do with DLA.

You Take Care.



Hi Chris, cheers for your reply.

Council pays for taxi fares? wonder how that works?

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, I don’t much about direct payments, but without ever having met you, you come across as a genuine person, in need of help, and I do not understand why you can not just get the extra help you need, without the stress and hassle. This makes me angry for you. Good luck and hope I gets sorted out. Cheryl:)

Hi Cheryl, thankyou for your reply and kind words of support…it means a lot.

Yes, until I know whats what, I am stressing! I have my carers all lined up and even a new 3rd one for back up, wanting to know when they can start their new hours.

Week beginning 5th March should reveal the answer.

luv POllx


It’s becoming a mine feild I’m afraid. I support 3 ladies with learning disabilities (we don’t really do personal care much so my physical problems don’t matter alot) and we’re having to take pay cuts, health benefit cuts and working understaffed just to make sure they get the care they need it’s ridiculous.

Fingers crossed you manage to get everything sorted out and they can start work! Good idea to have a back up especially if you find you don’t get on with one of them or they suddenly can’t make it…oh and if any of them aren’t professional please report them ASAP I’ve heard too many horror stories since I’ve been in this job!

Mel xx


Hi Mel, thanks for your reply and support. Yes, it does take some organising and studying. I`ll keep what you say in mind.

luv Pollx

Hi polly sorry youre having to go through this again, with regards to taxis my mum lives in scotland and they are given tickets for taxis, this is a booklet given twice a year, and she can get a percentage of the cost of each journey, if she uses them all before the next booklets due then she pays full price.

Wouldnt that be a good thing down here?


Yes, it certainly would!

luv Pollx

Hi Poll I was involved in the development of PIP (neither breast implants or myself) paperwork as my service users were the first trial run.Throughout the whole process I couldnt see how the questions would enable each person to have a ‘price on their heads.’ They asked about all aspects of their lives and the fact they all need 24/7 care,how many people for each task and the fastest time it could be achieved in!!! etc

Then there is a formula that a computer crunches and generates a cost from.It appeared to me that if that cost was the same or less as currently spent no changes were made but if the new costing was higher the values scored at assessment were changed.

I found the process a joke as someone with a degenerative disease and high care needs ended up with a much lower value on his head.I am afraid of the future when people with be looked at by care providers even more in terms of what they are worth.


Hi Pip, this is really worrying news for me and countless others. In a way I will be glad to turn 60 in October, in the hope that I will be seen as more needy! No promises with that I know, just hope.

luv Pollx