Digger crashed into the back of my new car!!!

Yesterday, my husband was driving me to my dentist appointment. We were crawling through roadworks at about 5mph near to my home (they’re everywhere at present) when suddenly there was a terrific THUMP from the back, followed by breaking glass.

A six tonne dumper truck from the roadworks had suddenly crashed into the back of my beautiful new electric Motability car. The back of the car was a bit dented in a couple of places (tailgate and bumper) and the rear windscreen smashed. The dumper truck driver immediately started apologising.

No one hurt (except my car!). To be honest, that’s unsurprising given the speed we were going at! The worst thing is though that my lovely car (2 months old) is now at a garage (it went on a round trip of 3 garages before finding one with space for it!) being, hopefully, fixed.

We now have a loan car but, there are a few niggling worries: #1, it’s been suggested that damage could have been caused to the battery - meaning it’s a write off (several months wait for a new electric car). Plus #2, the average wait for parts is now about 2 months (Brexit? Covid?).

So Mr Sssue is going to have to re-learn how to go to a garage for fuel. Our environmental credentials have been revoked. We have a long wait for our car to come back home. And my dentist appointment has been rescheduled for 2 months time.

Miserable Sue

Oh Ssssue, how awful! A nice new car all mangled by a digger whose driver was obviously not paying attention. There’s not much I can say that will help but just to let you know I’m thinking of you.

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Oh, Ssssue. I just cringed when I saw that heading. I don’t know how these things work over there, but will his insurance at least cover the repairs or replacement?

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Oh yes, it’s the company he works for whose insurance will ultimately foot the bill. Motability insurance would kick in otherwise.

Motability is the most brilliant scheme - we hand over our Personal Independence Payment (a state benefit for the disabled) mobility component which is about £61 per week. In return we get a new car for 3 years fully funded, insured, serviced roadside recovery etc. all we have to do is fuel it.

There’s an additional one off payment for a better car. So the electric car cost about £700 extra. I love my car. I don’t drive any more so my OH drives.

It’s not going to cost us anything bar irritation and a few extra £s for petrol! Grrr.


Oh Ssssue, how awful that must have been, thinking of you both.x

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I’m moving to England.

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not surprised your miserable. so the insurance company should deal with this and you might be able to claim compensation if you get stuck without a car. I would suggest they will write it off. Your very lucky you were only going very slow. The stress alone will probably make you feel a bit off for a few days. so sending you a big hug. gosh of all the things to hit you. xxxx

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Oops… Only metal hurt​:crossed_fingers: bloody nuisance though.:thinking:

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Oh no! What an awful thing to happen…just not fair is it?

Good thing is that no-one was hurt.

What can I say?

So sorry.

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So sorry to hear about the accident @Ssssue glad you are ok even if your lovely car is not. The driver of the digger couldn’t have been paying attention.
I do hope you get sorted out with repair or replacement soon.
Willowtree x

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The phrase you are searching for is … “Bother” although knowing you this might have been spiced up with some classic expletives.
Glad that no one was hurt and hope that the repairs are swift and painless. I am a huge fan of Motability who do a great job keeping us mobile.
I hope that your dental issues are resolved satisfactorily too.
All the best to you & Mr Ssssue

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On no! What rotten luck.

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One or two expletives may have been used. Along the lines of Dick**** the Digger perhaps? Alongside ‘Bother’ of course, that useful term for extreme annoyance.




Thank you all for your kind sympathy and shared irritation. It helps.

We now know that a) the diggers company insurance has accepted liability, b) we are getting a loan Hyundai Ionic, a hybrid, which, while not quite as environmentally ‘show-offy’ as a fully electric car is a bit ‘Green’! and, c) the reason we are likely to wait months for repairs (please, I don’t want to wait even longer for a replacement car!) is that the car is too new - spare parts are still being built!

Still irritating as hell. Our ‘ smug neighbour’ (his official title; he’s a Parish Councillor) has told Mr Sssue exactly which County Councillor to report the accident to. Apparently the Digger operator should have had someone in front of him waving a red flag! Or something similar.

This is a photo of the actual beast that hit us! Similar to Micks picture but with less winsome children and more mud:



So sorry to hear about your car accident I hope you do not have to wait too long for repairs. The important thing is that you are both ok.

It must be annoying that you now have to wait another two months to see your dentist. Dental appointments are like gold dust at the moment. I have been waiting six weeks for a large hole in my wisdom tooth to be filled. Luckily it does not hurt at the moment.


blimey it could have really crushed the back end. Are the joys of new cars. the parts coming from china perhaps on a slow boat. you will buy these posh cars hun. (lol). I can never understand how they can be classed as green when they run on electric lol. I take it wasnt a hybrid? if its the new style then yeh their parts are still being manufactured.

so i think sadly you will have a long wait. xxxx like waiting for a neurologist lol. xxxxx

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