Sorry that you've reached a stage where you are thinking of this, but amphetamines are nasty nasty nasty drugs - please don't. They may make people more alert and euphoric, but they are highly addictive and can cause insomnia, severe weight loss, cognitive decline, paranoia and schizophrenic-like symptoms. They also cause permanent brain damage (even if you come off them, the damage doesn't recover) and let's face it, MSers' brains have enough damage to deal with already.

Karen x



I just wanted to say sorry if I offended anyone with this post.


I know that it is a sensitive and possible provoking question.  However like I said this Fatigue is sucking the life out of me and it gets me so down.  I really just want to be able to get up in the morning, do what I got to do, stay awake til a decent time in the evening and actually feel as if I have achieved something with my life.

Just can't bare the thought of thinking this is just how life is going to be for however long I have left.


I try to tell myself that things could be a whole lot worse and I know this deep down.  It just that I feel there is absolutely no point to this so called 'life'.  Please do not get me wrong, I by no means am going to do anything stupid.  Just needed a moan I guess!


Would be very interested to has tried 'other methods' to help restore their energy because of their fatigue?

Hope everyone has a fab christmas and have a couple of drinks for me,


happy xmas x

I can empathise with the fatigue and depression problems as I have been there, in fact probably as low as you can go. I decided I had to do something about it and spoke to my GP and MS nurse, she put me in touch with a neuropsychologist for a CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) course. I wasn't sure that this was a good idea and felt the only thing that could help would be antidepressants. I found that to start with it was a very difficult experience, lots of demons to be explored, half way through the course I started to understand more about my thinking process and gradually became more positive about the future. She also explained how to manage my dreadful fatigue, I am not saying it has all totally gone away but has given  me tools to help manage this monster. The course was one to one and lasted for 14 weeks! I would recommend this course to anyone who suffers from anxiety, depression, fatigue. I know I was very lucky to get this course on the NHS but if you don't ask you won't get. 

I hope this helps, please don't go the amphetamine route it will only make things worse for you .

Have a Merry Christmas



Hi sorry to her you feel like that,

I was the same the fatigue was a nightmare I tied everything but nothing really worked.

My MS was really bad I was very down tired and depressed and it wasn't the first time I thought what was the point in it all.

What works for me now is going to the gym don't ge me wrong I'm not saying its lazy or anything that you cant I was in a very bad place MS and could barely walk or do anything for myself I was lucky enough to get on a drug that works really well for me.

I do go to the gym now I can't exercise like normal people but what I do I feel great for it my mood and everything lifted and I sleep really well at night and I feel I have loads of energy the next day.

I don't like telling people I go to the gym there's always someone to say its alright for me my MS cant be that bad I have aggressive rrms and anyone who knows me knows how bad I was I'm good at the moment but I never take it for granted I'm thankful for each day I'm like this with my MS I never know the day it could all go wrong.


Hi Mark,


1st of all I am not offended by your suggestion of going to the gym.

Actually about approx 18 months ago I used to be a proper 'gym bunny'.  I know what you are speaking of when you say 'it can be a mood lifter'.  I was absolutely buzzing with energy and full of life after each session.  I started off not being able to do much due to the fact that I just fell out of the habit of exercising for a while back then.

Then I ended up going for about 2 hours Mon to Fri.


However, I have other conditions alongside MS now that the fatigue effects greatly.  Basically I can't work at the moment and Financially I feel, well things are pretty dire atm.  I need to get back into work to increase my finances first.  I just can't afford the gym atm as it requires me to try to get to it first. With the gym being 2 miles away and me not driving and no local buses only going so close to it - it leaves me with a 25 -35 min walk to get to gym, even after using bus service.  Well, anyway it means the only way I could access it would be a taxi at nearly £20 return.

I have looked into help such as OT and SS but they are as useful as a chocolate teapot.

So some kind of drug - ideally from docs is my only feasible idea at present.


However, I am always looking for new opportunities and never say never n all of tht!

Well hope u had a good xmas hun n ty for your reply,



Wanted to say that I am not advocating taking anything other than what is legally prescribed for us MSers.


However, I am at a point where I have been told there are no available drugs left as the one that I was going to try next - Modifinil, has now been banned for MS use, 

At present that was my final hope of getting my life back.

This Fatigue is stealing away any kind of life I might be able to have and I feel pretty low and desperate at the moment because of it.  I have spoken to my MS nurse re: how bad fatigue and mood is.  Not mentioned the other methods I am thinking of as don't want to draw attention to it from ppl in authority.

The idea of posting this in the first place is to get an idea of if anyone else had gone down this route.

Nothing else.

I understand that there are side effects with these drugs but there are also horrid side effects with the 'official MS ' drugs that they dive some ppl.  The irony is that some of the not so official drugs I speak of are a hell of a lot cheaper to buy than if I were to go privately on nhs etc. 

I am not saying it is a route that I have decided to go down yet,  However, I am seriously considering it still.  As I am desperate to be able to get some sort of quality to my life other than the 'pond life' that I have now.

Sorry for moan / rant


I have MS with chronic fatigue as well as hypothyroidism which also gives you fatigue oh and type 1 diabieties happy
I take modafinil for this but this is not prescribed for MS anymore maybe because it don't work as well as when you first take it.

If you want to go for some dodgy street drug cut with god knows what then be my guest, seeing as you have MS and some other condition why would
you want to bugger your body up even more by some drug chemist or dealer that will cut it with anything they can find?

Have a read at some facts about what you would be wasting your limited cash on

Also like all drugs your body will get use to it, so your take more and more or upgrade to something cheap and easy to get to like crystal meths etc.

So I'm sure you wont want to look like some rotting walking zombie? check out this link and scroll down

On a lighter note our branch group goes to the gym and it does seam to work with mobility and less cramping and energy levels are up, but the MS will fight back and sometimes I still feel like crap so you just have to learn to deal with it!

Its not giving in for me its just a case of not letting the MS fatigue get to me or I would end up depressed and you get more fatigue with depression.

Speak to your GP or Neuro bod and tell them your crazy idea you have and the risk your willing take to try and get some energy.

When you play hardball with the Dr's I noticed they seam to give you something cool




Take a look at the perfectly legal ldn and see if you think it can help.

Also, you don't need a gym to exercise and the MS Trust and MSS have good DVD's available.

I'm lucky that my local MS branch provides yoga and pyhsio classes twice a week with are free and the pyhsio is the same as the exercise DVD the ms society has but we're all in a group.

I do goto the gym but only because I'm able to now. I never was in a gym in my life then I herd about a GP reveral program that I was able to get an hour every week for 12 weeks free at the gym I couldn't believe the benefits I got from it and that buzz you get from it is a real high I signed up to my local gym after I've had to save and make changes to afford it :( the gym I goto has everything swimming pool and everything included in your membership.

I know what you mean about finding it hard to get to I'm really lucky I can drive at the minute (for 2 years I couldn't) I live out in the country 10 miles from the gym there's not even a bus I could get to take me into the town and getting a taxi there's no way I could afford that,and when I do drive to the gym if I can't get a parking space out side or very close I have to forget about it I cant walk that far :(


Mark x

Hello Whammie  / MarkoLoad - In answer to your reply re:LDN.

First of all ty for your reply.

I have heard of LDN of recent through a couple of people on here.  I asked about it via Medics and they just do not advocate it right now.  I am not in a position to 'waste any funds' and the fact that this is a long term use drug until you see if it works, is an issue for me financially.

I have actually stated in one of my replies / posts that I am fully aware of the effects of certain drugs that may not be prescribed legally for MS and the like.  I am by no means some Naive, uneducated person with regards to this.  I just felt that I should make that clear to some other people who have replied to me on here so far.

Its good that your MSS has so much on for ppl.  Unfortunately mine doesn't have that at present. 

Also, Yes it doesn't take a gym to exercise  I agree with you.  However, I felt that the social aspect of the gym was by far the greatest help to my fatigue and mood.  We used to just laugh for about 2 hours solid and it was wonderful.

I have actually got the exercise DVD from the MSS.  It is very well put together and very easy to do when I was able to undertake exercise.  I always intend to revisit when my mood and motivation improves.


There are a number of other reasons (not EXCUSES I WOULD LIKE TO ADD) but I do not feel that I have to justify myself fully to you, so I will leave it there.  I have decided to give you enough of a reply to your reply in hoping that you will see that everybody is unique and circumstances are extremely individual too.  So out of politeness have replied to you.

Wish you all the best,



P.s and I will state this yet again too as ppl obviously do not read the post that I have written properly.


I am by no means advocating anything illegal and am just simply trying to find a way forward (short term answers  ) to get my life moving in the right direction again.  I am FULLY AWARE that the path I am on is ultimately a long term path.  However I do not have the luxery of time that maybe some of you do.

Mean no ill against anyone on here or in world in general.  Just needed to ask these questions.


Hope you all well x


What a pity your medical professionals are not a little more open minded about ldn, because it really might help. The cost of liquid ldn is £17.50 per month, although a private prescription will add to the expense. Dicksons Chemist are reliable suppliers and also have details on their site of who to approach for a prescription. Apologies if you know this stuff already.

I assure you that no justification is remotely necessary and hope you find a workable solution.

Hi Whammie,


Ty again for your reply.

Also Ty you for posting the link and the cost (which I presume you are paying at present) for the LDN.


I was actually told by most of the people I have spoken to, that the cost was more nearer £40 per month.  So, it is reassuring to know that maybe if there is a cheaper place to obtain it.  Then it might be an option again for me.


You mentioned the 'added cost of a private prescription'.  Can you give me an idea pls as to how much we are speaking about here for that?


Also, How long did the LDN take to work for you or at least you noticed a difference?


Ty again,



My GP prescribes ldn on the NHS and has done for eight years, so there are no costs. I think it costs £20 to register with e med and then £15 every 3 months for a prescription, which hopefully is not too bad.

It took two days before I noticed a modest difference, but it’s smart to start on a low dose these days and then build up slowly, so not much of a guide.  

Take some time to read the testimonials at ldn research trust site for a realistic view of what is possible.

Let me know if you need any help.

Hello Anon,

                     You might also try taking 5 000 iu of Vitamin D3, as not only is this reputed to be very good for MS, but it also provides a real kick of energy, and we all need this if we have MS fatigue. I have found the cheapest supplier of this to be Healthspan which is delivered ( Good luck with this, and I hope you are soon feeling better,