Did this actually happen?

I try not to dwell on my past life. The present and future are enough to deal with.

But it’s when I’m having one of my many pleasant sit-downs (they can go on for hours), I think of the past and feel impelled to report on it.


I enjoyed the read Steve,as always. My husband came from Lewisham when I met him. He often referred to the places you named, and with the same feeling. He moved to Hailsham, Sussex, when he met me. Neither of us imagined we would eventually be living in Ireland. Neither of us expected to be living with ms either, eight years later.

I like public transport too Steve , the only bad thing is the lack of buses. The last bus home from Cheshire oaks is at 6.20 pm and yet the outlet stays open till 9pm. I think Frodsham is neglected by the bus companies. The buses used to be a lot more frequent but now they are only every hour. Michelle and Frazer xx