Things I used to do


When you describe things from the past, I’m often met with:

“Were you mad?” I’d done a fair amount of mountain climbing (in the winter), long distance cycling and a ridiculous amount of walking. I’m often blase in my response but when I think about these two and a half years of commuting, I know it was truly mad. As mad as the mad hatter’s eccentric aunt.

Of course, London has lots of great places and great people. This just describes my reactions to being constantly stuck in a car in the same places.

It ended when I knew the beast was getting serious. But MS or not, I’m so glad I stopped the mad journey.

Best wishes, Steve.

I commuted from Uckfield to London for over 20 years Steve. I sometimes wonder how I did it but had a good job and enjoyed it. Could never have driven in London, well done you. I could just about drive to Brighton and Eastbourne without mishaps lol.


I loved reading your blog Steve , I bet you were tired after all of that driving , I think you did well to keep it up for so long and I’m sure when you left you would have made your Mark they would have missed you. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Steve

Thanks for the blog, really enjoyed it. You should give yourself a huge ‘pat on the back’ for managing alll that driving, you done well.

Pam x