Good morning everybody, I just want to say that DIAL have come to the rescue with my WCA form. I have an appointment with then on the 24th.

Anne x

Good luck hun.


The very best of luck to you, Florence! I just couldn’t believe it when you said your CAB wouldn’t help with form filling before.

Well done Anne, that’s brilliant,

Just keep in your mind that you have to sign the form to say it’s correct, so make sure they put on the form what you tell them. Ensure they use examples of what you say. Also, check that they are clearly indicating what you are like most of the time and on your worst days, and that they write down how often you have the worst days. If you have any useful supporting letters from neurologists or any other medical or social professionals, include these with your claim.

It’s brilliant to get help with the form filling, but you should make sure they have the full picture of you, don’t forget, you live with MS 24/7 so you know your symptoms and your life. They don’t. So read it through properly and be sure you agree with what they’ve said.

I say this because I once got my MS nurse to complete a DLA claim form (she had done it many times before for other people). She had massive girly handwriting so unsurprisingly, there wasn’t enough space to put all the detail I felt it needed. She also didn’t put in enough examples of what I was saying. My last problem though was that she put something on the form that just was not true, I felt that she was exaggerating. I was not happy to send in the form as she’d completed it, so I rang them up, explained and asked for another form. I used some of what she’d said, put in a load more examples and more detail, didn’t exaggerate at all and was happy to sign it. I was awarded full DLA for both care and mobility. And I knew I’d not over sold any of my problems.

Finally, last piece of advice, make sure you get a copy of the form and any supporting evidence.

Good luck Sue

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Thank you but don’t worry…when I go an see them I WILL be having a worse day?

I cannot walk at all or write because I can’t use my right arm. I have to be taken to the toilet, have somebody there at mealtimes in case I have a seizure and drop a hot drink or choke. It shouldn’t be a problem but I’ve heard horror stories.

DIAL have an example on their website of a dead person being told they are fit for work. A lady had an assessment, died a short while later, then two days after her death a letter arrived with the decision.

Anne x

Poor you. If by any chance you’re not put straight into the Support Group, there’s something seriously wrong with the system. Oh hang on, there is something wrong with it! But don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll be fine.


Dear Flo, you can`t walk, nor write, nor go to the loo alone, nor feed yourself alone…

and they want you to go to work?

OMG where is the humanity here?

I dunno, I really dont.


me again…sorry I may have presumed you had to fight your corner re being put into the support group and not the work one. Either way, good luck darlin.


I hope it’s just a routine thing…

Dear Poll, the first time I applied Papworth Trust filled out th forms for me and they sailed through without an assessment. That was 3 years ago and this time Papworth say they don’t do forms anymore because they are inundated.

So, I need to get somebody else to fill this one in it came out of the blue but might be a routine 3 yearly because I think somebody said they do that. Whatever though, I will be in the hands of whoever makes the decision.

I never had a face to face assessment before so I hope they don’t call me this time.

The trouble is people believe MS gets better. You will know as well as I do that is poppycock! I don’t care what anybody says, once you progress from RRMS the only way is down.

Anne x

You’re right Anne. My PPMS only went away cos I was wrongly diagnosed!

Look after yourself kiddo!


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