Hello guys, just a question, I had my MRI on tues of head and spine with contrast and I have my ep test in a couple of weeks. Just wondering will my neuro wait till my ep results come back before contacting me re a diagnosis or will he contact me once he has looked at my MRI? I think he said I will only have a LP of my scan was clear. Thank you x

Hi, It likely you will be contacted with a follow up appointment once hes reviewed your MRI scans. Getting a diagnosis may also depend on how many episodes you have? Mosts consultant are reluctant to diagnosis you if its only been one episode. My first episode I had MRI scan with multiple lesion on brain,neck and spine and postive LP. I was told they were 95% sure I had M.S but was diagnosed with C.I.S until i had my first relapse. It may be different for you but thats what Ive experienced. Polly x


I can’t say for sure, but I think that if the neuro looks at your MRI and considers that he has enough info to diagnose, he will contact you then. My EVP was fine and I was diagnosed on my MRIs.

Mags :-)xx

Oh thanks guys, I’ll wait to hear as my ep isn’t until the 13th . Thank you x