Diagnosis confirmed

Had my MS diagnosis confirmed Thursday past. Lumber punture was positive. The neuro said its 3 months before treatment starts. :frowning: Why? Anyone from Northern Ireland explain this. Or is this standard everywhere. Oh had a full eye test done in hospital. The drops they used left me hardly able to see for 3 days. Still just not right. Anyone here suffering slight colour blindness? because of damage to optic nerves. I thought it only effected one eye mostly, not both at same time. :frowning:

Am sorry to hear about your diagnosis and ongoing problems. Am not from NI but there are some interesting you tube videos relating to MS and done by MSsocietyIRELAND which you may find useful although they talk more about MS itself. However this is a website so you could go on there and have a wander through. Best of luck . Liz

Hi there, I am in N.Ire myself, have just returned from Australia and seen a neuro at Craigavon hospital, just recently dx probable MS. I am getting on with my life tho, awaiting oligoclonal bands results and going for my second MRI at end of August (which will be 3months from the first one) to see if there is any further lesions/inflammation.

I suffered colour blindness and blurred vision when I was in hospital, but after 3x days IV steroids my vision gradually went back to normal. Feel free to PM me for a chat. Take care

Ash x

Just seen my Ms nurse today, and talked me through all the diffrent types of drugs. The one that stuck out was the rebif auto injection, as it was simple and easy to understand. This machine even told you when you last used it. This is great as I remember poorly things I’ve done all week. Especially as you can programme in each diffrent area to inject yourself in. Great as she said about patients having problems with other drugs, forgetting to alternate areas of injection. Can anyone shed their experience on this machine? before I call her back. Need to pick which meds to use. The sooner i choose the better, And found out that it takes up to 3 months here because of funding approval. £7000 to £10000 per year for each patient. Yikes! I’m a male and would like to hear other males opinions. Thanks BE

Had a meeting with my MS nurse today, and she talked about diffrent DMD’s. The one that I think I will use is rebif auto injection. Anyone have use of this? Any info and experiences of using, much appreciated. I have to call her once I choose. It can take up to 3 months in NI as its to do with funding. The cost is between £7000 to £10000 per year per person. She said rebif is the strongest of all the drugs, and as a male she sort of was steering me towards it as I’m quite bad at moment. Thanks for reading, look forward to people responding. BE

Damn repeating myself


I’ve only been taking Rebif for a couple of months, but find the RebiSmart so simple to use. It really is fool proof in that it “talks” you through each step on the screen.

The whole process from getting it out of the cupboard to putting it back only takes a few minutes.

You can change injection depths and speeds for comfort althougn I have just left it on the standard settings. As well as the injection site reminder, you can also set an alarm to go off to remind you take the injection.

It’s also the leaset injection like looking of the lot!

Good luck with your decision.