Diagnosis at last……..

I’ve posted on here a couple of times now regarding symptoms etc. today I received my diagnosis of RRMS. I have an appointment in a couple weeks to decide on treatment. I’ve been given the options of tecfidera or Kesimpta. In others’ experience with either of the above drugs, which would you choose out of the two? Side effects that you may have experienced etc. just to help guide me towards an informed decision on it.

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Hello Joe, I am in your exact position and also be interested to other forum peeps reply. :grinning:

Hi Liz, I hope you’re ok. It’s a shock for sure but I’m glad I now have a clear way forward. Worst thing is, my diagnosis has come 3 days before my wedding so it’s not ideal but is what it is. Life has a funny way at times

Hi Joe, I am ok thanks…yep life sure is funny sometimes! Hey least you weren’t jilted ( or asked to omit the sickness and in health bit) seriously I hope despite the diagnosis you had a great wedding day :grinning:

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Hello Joe

I’ve been on Tecfidera for over three years as I had to change from one of the injectable DMDs. I decided to try it after reading many posts on here about it and see how I got on. Well it’s been fine. I don’t have any side effects although I know some people have stomach problems and hot flushes. I never had that but I took on board advice about taking it with a full meal so maybe that was why. Also I haven’t had any relapses so I’m happy with that!

Good luck with whatever you decide.

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