Diagnosed today with Fibromyalgia

Went for a follow up appointment with Rheumatologist this morning who last time I saw him wanted to wait until all Neuro tests were back including MRI. Having seen that both my MRI’s and bloods etc came back clear he officially diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. Sent me home with a booklet to read and discharged me from his clinic. Any further problems to be dealt with by my GP. I don’t feel I’m any more wiser now than I was 6 months ago but hey ho, nothing more I can do about it. Good luck to you all. Jane xxx

All the best to you Jane…take care of yourself.


Good luck. Let us know how you get on in the future. Hope you’re managing your symptoms Axx

Thank you girls. Still don’t know if this diagnoses is correct but only time will tell. Need to get pain management and tiredness under control as had to stop Pregabalin due to side effects. Good,luck for the future. xxx