diagnosed and then undiagnosed

Hey everyone as you can tell i am new to this site I would like to mention first that i am not from the uk so many of the medical procedurea in my country are different and may sound stupid to you as it does to me I am 19. About two month ago i started having ms like symptomps ( numb right side and partial hear loss and tinnitus) and after seeing a neourologist for couple of times he ordered me a brain MRI two weeks ago By that time my symptomes became worse. (spastic leg, hard to walk,dizzines, unbalanced, partial loss of taste sense) Earlier this week the resuts came (it showed one lesion and anoher spot that is suspected to be another lesion) and yesterday i saw new neourologist (because the first stopped working at the clinic) he examined mefor long time after reading the MRI results and then said he believes it is MS and reffered me to a hospital saying that it is urgent for me to start treatment with steroid IV urgently while it is not too late But here in my country hospital is a messy system and after one of their doctors saw me and the MRI scans she said that it is impossible to diagnose MS based on those two minor lesions and that i should return next week for further investigation and now it impossible to start treatment since they dont know what to treat So i am left with nothing the entire weekend I am extremley worried that i am suffering for two monthes without getting treated!!:frowning: i am afraid that my body would not recover and it is going to be too late… because my syptomes became so bad in such a short time If anybody has some advice or has been in a similar situation i would love to hear Thank you…!