Newly diagnosed and confused with MRI

Hi there… I’m fairly new to this site but I have been reading through all of the posts and they have been very insightful and helpful so far. I am a 26 year old female diagnosed with ms one month ago, while I was working and living in Australia. I have just returned home To the uk to be with my family and friends for much needed supported!! It hasn’t really hit me yet as in oz I was constantly busy which kept my mind off things and my friends over there were great but we just got back to normal when I got discharged from hospital (after 10days!!) My first examination findings were: unsteady gait, leaning to right Hall pike manoeuvre positive to left head movement Reduced sensation to sharp/dull across entire right face, including forehead Impaired heel-shin coordination on right. I’m just a bit confused about everything, like is it definitely MS. I’m waiting on seeing a neurologist here at home, I seen a neurologist in Sydney they were great… I was admitted then I had MRI, then lumbar puncture… I have the results of my MRI, but I am so confused when reading them and my appointment with my new neurologist isn’t for a few weeks… Hopefully I won’t have to get another MRI as I have my brain and spinal presentation on a DVD from Australia!! Does anyone know will I have to have another MRI or lumbar puncture (I’m hoping not and that it was a once off diagnostic tool!) Any help would be greatly appreciated, while I wait. Ash x