Devil's Claw

I know I haven’t posted here much, and hope I don’t offend by jumping back in, but please has anyone tried this as a replacement for Gabapentin? I was taking Gabapentin for over 3 years, then realised it was having a massive effect on my body! Tried Lyrica (Pregabalin) but it didn’t work as well. I suffer from a lot of pain, mainly back of neck/lower back and excruciating pins and needles/hot and cold feet. I have just been advised to increase Gabapentin to the max levels that I was on before but the abdominal problems are starting again! Mainly astronomical constipation - as in when it is resolved I literally cannot believe what was backed up in my body! I have been prescribed several drinks to ease constipation/passing the results(!) but they also have side effects (bloating) which is also agonising! I have been referred to the continence dept by MS Nurse on 24th but am thinking if there is anything I can take for pain which would not cause all the other knock-on effects and am wondering about Devil’s claw? If anyone has tried it please could you let me know? Thanks in advance, Alison x

I’ve never heard of Devils claw so I just looked it up. On the face of it it doesn’t seem likely to help neurological pain, but it does seem to have an anti-inflammatory type effect so you never know. I would suggest amitriptyline in the evenings/night time for pins & needles and burning type neurological pain but it makes you sleepy so probably not a daytime drug initially. Other people probably can suggest other drugs. But if you do try Devils claw, let us know how you get on. And don’t feel that you have to post on here all the time, just dropping in & out is what suits some people best.


Sorry I’ve never taken it myself, I am like you and take lots of Gabapentin I did use devil’s claw many years ago for arthritic/muscle pain, it came in ointment form, I rubbed it in at night and much to my surprise the pain had gone in the morning.

I take many other drugs that cause constipation such as Amitriptyline and Codydramol did not realise that Gabapentin caused constipation too.

I always have a tablespoon full of flaxseeds followed by 2 glasses of water every day and usually that helps the bowels, I’ve recently had an ms flare up and yes that has caused constipation.

Wendy x

Devil’s Claw is an old and effective remedy for painful joints. We use it for the old horses and also one of my dogs has it in her food. l take it as well - sometimes.

For the horses - you can get it in the natural herb form. And they go mad for it - like Cats do for Catmint.

lts a natural anti-inflammatory - so well worth taking if you do suffer with joint pain.

Thanks for your replies :slight_smile: What made me think about Gabapentin and constipation was looking up Lyrica (Pregabalin) on the internet months ago. Strong warning about risk of constipation and that did it for me at that point, because it has become such an issue. I know I’m going about this the wrong way round, but I looked up Devil’s Claw a few days ago - looking for herbal alternatives to Gabapentin. I just think, having only just restarted Gabapentin, it might be worth trying an alternative while I can. I will definitely let you all know, thanks :slight_smile: ali x

Good luck with that ali

Wendy x