Depth Perception

Hi all

I’ve noticed recently that my depth perception appears to have gone out the window. I am constantly walking into things I just didn’t see. Or jumping because I thought I was about to walk in to something that is actually half a mile away. I reach for things and I miss because they’re not quite where I thought they were.

I don’t know if it could be to do with my ON last year, or if it could just be another delightful symptom.

Does anyone else have this?? Maybe I’m just clumsy!!

PG xx

Hi PG I’m not dx’d but this is one of the things that has been happening for me, exactly the same as you. If I reach for a drawer handle and am not actually looking straight at it you can bet I’ll be grabbing thin air! Loads of times I’ve jumped out of my skin thinking I’m going to bump into something which is either miles away or not there at all (invisible obstacles!!!). Sometimes it makes me chuckle to myself because I feel such a muppet, especially if someone is watching me :0)…glad it’s not just me xxx

Yes, I’m afraid I do have that problem. Some weeks are worse than others where I feel like I’m the ball in a pinball machine! X