I keep coming up with questions


i am not diagnosed, just probable ms. Anyway, I quite often get blurry vision, almost like wearing the old 3d red/green glasses.I have problems judging distances. my depth of field is off.I find going down steps scary cos i can’t decide how deep each step is.Sometimes i stop at cracks in pavements and edge forward expecting a step. hitting the right key on a key board or for phoning and writing on a line cause s me problems. Is this a symptom.Ihad my eyesight checked and that was ok?

These symptoms could be associated with MS but also with other dissorders.

I to like many others get temporary vision disturbances.

I spell like I am dyslexic and am continualy correcting my words,spell check is of no use as I do not reconise the word in the list.

The distance preception is also a bad thing for me…

But as I said it can also be contributed to other dissorders.Lets hope you get a DX soon.


PS:Do not be afraid to ask questions or even have a good rant if you want one.

hello annon I have had visual problems for just over a year, I had steroids at the beginning, they helped a bit but I have lost all depth perception and some field vision. I have had to give up driving as distance and speed judgment was way off! I also know what you mean about cracks in the pavements makes me unsteady and not sure where my feet are in relation to cracks or steps, you really need to take further advice on this, call your neuro, GP or optician Ppx