Depth perception

Hello all Have any of you experienced changes to your depth perception? Having a strange day today. Was in tesco earlier and there was a big dark blue sticker on the floor with price promise or something written on it. As I came up to it I was convinced it was higher up and that I was going to walk into it so pulled up sharp (as u would if about to walk into a wall if that makes sense). Then a bit later was putting something in my bin outside and thought there was a bee right next to my hand when it was actually about a metre and a half away. Anyone experienced anything similar? It’s is a new one on me!

Hi I often go to step over things that are not there or will believe that something is moving when it isn’t or vice versa. I will also step off a kerb and into a big black hole ( that suddenly appears)

Jaycie x

Yes I get that. The times that I come to a crack or shadow across the pavement and think that its a step. And if I look at the radiator it feels like a 3D image going to infinity. Weird isn’t it? Lynn

Yeah Sunflower

i get that sometimes , stepping over things that are not that close is one of mine.

Fiona x

I often reach for the door handle much too early and end up grabbing at mid air. I also think that shallow steps are much deeper than they are and that seems to be worse if it’s in a poorly lit area. I find I have to take my time with things like that as it catches me out a bit …

Tracey x

Well it seems to have eased off a bit. Hope so as I’m due to drive to Wales for a holiday on Friday! This ms certainly seems to want to keep me on the hop!