Depressed about having Baclofen pump

I finally admitted that I needed to talk to the doctor … I should have known it wouldn’t go away and she nailed it down over a cup of tea. I don’t feel much better but the scary bit is next week at Kings hospital when I see about this Baclofen . I a worried about it . is my blog post


hi don

well i think you are still a rufty tufty guy for being brave enough to face your fears!

must admit the op sounds scary but if it enables you to enjoy your bacon butty whilst enjoying the view, it will be worth it.

in fact you need to start enjoying every moment

i’ll be thinking of you

carole xx

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Hi Don, I have a friend who has the same condition as me…HSP…it is very similar to ms in the way it presents itself.

She has a baclofen pump…had it a while now and after some teething problems, is very glad she has it.

Others here have mentioned the subject and I have offered to put them in touch with her, as she is more than happy to talk to anyone who has questions about it. No-one has taken me up on the offer, but if you would like to talk to her, then please pm me.


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Hello Don

Just read you blog.

I’m really sorry you’re feeling so down but reading your blog, I can understand why.

I must say Don, it sounds like you and Heather have a lovely gp, that must be reassuring.

It’s no good me telling you not to worry about having the pump fitted is it Don? The team fitting the pump will be highly trained and know what they are doing.

Going into hospital is the pits for anyone. I worked in one but do not like being a patient…in fact they do say nurses, doctors etc make the worst patients…it’s true!

Being in hospital takes people away from all that is familiar and leaves them feeling vulnerable…staff are aware of this. Before you know it, you’ll be back home with Heather and feeling the positive benefits of having the baclofen pump.


Thanks for your kind words

XX Don