wonder if anyone can give me some advise,my husband as been dygnosed with ppms and is still awaiting more tests to rule out anythink else,his very deppressed as cant do much.he cant read and write,so thatsout the qestion,i dont kno how to help him feel better about things i keep positive and we get out when we can,and weboth are positive people,his allready on anti deppressents want to make him feel happier,

Phone the M.S helpline…08088008000.

Hi Christine, please do ring the helpline or go along to your local group. I know this must be a reallly tough time for you both and I wish I could reach out to you hugs. Are you coping OK at the moment? Sonia xx

thankyou for your help,i dident even know there was a helpline,i feel better allready and told mick we will phone x

Good, I’m glad you’re going to call them. I’m diagnosed with likely PPMS and luckily, at the moment I’m OK, not great but OK. I know it’s driving my husband absolutely crazy and I’m fearul of what the future will bring - already taking 3 types of meds, walking with crutches and need a day in bed recovery if I go out for an evening, and I mean dinner not partying! I just hope that I’m doing the best I can to try to make progression slow but the stress of it all does make you wonder how worthwhile your efforts are. My thoughts are with you both anyway, I know you must be having a rotten time Christine as I know my husband so wants to fix everything - Sonia x