Demyelination mean?

Does demyelination definitely mean you have MS? :confused:

Sorry, I’ve no idea. Best to ask your GP or neurologist

It could indicate MS but only a Neurologist can diagnose this.
My first MRI found multiple lesions and demylination.
I was diagnosed with probable MS and given access to a MS nurse straight away.
It did take 3 years until my last MRI found a new lesion that I was formally diagnosed and started DMTs.
You need to meet the Mcdonald criteria to get a formal diagnosis.
I hope you get answers soon. Take care.

I’ve looked it up and there can be causes other than MS but MS is by far the most common cause

Thankyou for your replies.
I have an appointment with a neuro coming up but I’m worried.
My GP said the mri scan showed signs of what they think is demyelination. I guess it only means one thing.

As others have said,it’s the accumulation of strong evidence - clinical history and examination, timelines, scan and other lab tests - that add up to an MS dx.

For what it’s worth, in my own case, I knew the way the wind was blowing long before formal dx, and I don’t think that is unusual.