Delays with Ocrelizumab infusion due to covid

Hi everyone, a question to all. Has anyone had their infusion delayed due to the hospital not having enough space? Due to covid I presume. My ocrelizumab was due in March and now it’s July and still nothing. I ve pushed but am told there is a waiting list and I’m on it but they don’t have space in the hospital.
So frustrating as my symptoms are getting worse, physical and mentally declining and I’m worried that these are going to be permanent.
I would love to hear from anyone.

I’ve gone over a year now. It’s frustrating and worrying but I don’t feel assertive enough to push anymore.

Hope you hear something soon.


Hi there, thanks for getting back. I have had my infusion just 6 months late :roll_eyes: and I felt it. I know how defeated you will feel but you could try this. About a month ago I asked to be put on the waiting list for any cancellations if there was one. I said anytime, any day, anywhere, short notice - no problem. Lo and behold I got a cancellation last week! I was overjoyed! Phone call from the ms dept weds, swabs and jabs booked for thurs, infusion Saturday. And I DO feel better it’s now day 6 some fatigue but I’m walking better already, head clearer just more normal in myself.
Give it a try it may work for you and you get lucky x