Going through the process preparing for my first Ocrelizumab/Ocrevus infusion. What is the deal afterwards with being immunocompromised? Should I be going to work or not? Many unanswered questions that usually pop in to my head during the night and then leave as quickly as they arrived.

shouldnt your MS TEAM be advising you of all this?

You would have thought so but no. I don’t have a team as the neurologist is the MS nurse at the moment as they are struggling to fill the post. He emailed me the leaflet about the infusion but it doesn’t say anything about after care.

I thought you had to have tests before hand to see how your MS was etc, and only a nueruologist can do this for ocrevus. There must be more then one nuerologist surely in your area?

There are 2 Neurologists. First one deals with dementia and that kind of stuff and the second one who I am seeing now deals with MS and rarer things. I’ve had 3 MRI’s, the screening bloods, a lumbar puncture, chest x-ray etc. Just waiting on the vaccinations (already had some). All the prep is in the works. It’s just afterwards hasn’t really been discussed.

well i believe it makes you immune compremised i would imagine when you go in for the infusion they will tell you about precautions. Ocrevus side effects: What they are and how to manage them

I have been on it for 4 years and never once took a day off work as a result. Never once received any advice from my ms team to shield. I go to work and just follow the usual social distancing guidelines.

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