Dealing with uncertainty

Hi all

for the past 6 weeks ive been having multiple neuro symptoms body wide . After a few gp/a & e visits im waiting for my neuro appointment . Thing is im feeling so poorly and anxious im not coping . I’m starting to get a bit neurotic with it all . I Already suffer from arthritis and psoriasis so I feel like an Ms diagnosis is extra punishment. I’m 25 and feel life is over for me . Anyone got any tips for getting through limbo ? My boyfriend is very supportive. My symptoms are bladder urgency plus body wide pins and needles /numbness /twitching . Has anyone received treatment for these things whilst in limbo .


kat x

That doesn’t sound like neurosis to me: that sounds like rational response to stimulus. Of course you’re worried when there are alarming and inexplicable things going the matter with you, and why wouldn’t you be? That doesn’t mean you’re going bonkers, it just means you’re human.

Tips for getting through limbo? I think it is just a matter of hanging on in there and trying to take one day at a time. There is no easy way to deal with uncertainty unless you are one of those rare beasts who is temperamentally suited to it. I think the trick is to keep remembering that this stuff is just plain difficult and that pretty much everyone finds that. There isn’t some magic way of making it easy that you are failing to spot.

I hope that you get some clarity soon about what is amiss and I hope that there isn’t too much wrong. In the meantime, don’t beat yourself up about not feeling to great about things. That’s OK, honestly. You aren’t doing anything wrong.


hi kat

get your blood tested for Vit B12 and Vit D deficiency and if low start taking a supplement,

ask for a referral to the bladder clinic or you can self refer to the bowel and bladder foundation.

the nurses there are marvellous and somehow it isn’t embarrassing discussing peeing and pooing!

mindfulness meditation is a brilliant tool for keeping your mind clear and is also good for pain relief.

give it a try. if there are no courses available (ask gp) there are resources free to download.

i did the Breathworks course which is all about your breathing.

when you feel anxious take a breath in then exhale slowly, repeat a few times and you should notice a difference.

as alison said, don’t beat yourself up, your immune system is doing that!

in fact you are an interesting collection of auto immune conditions - psoriasis, arthritis and possibly ms.

you can cope, you will survive, you can still be you.

make yourself a mantra to repeat over and over “i can cope, i will survive, i am still me”.

good luck

carole x

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