Dealing with temperature chages

What do you mean by that I hear you say… Well I’m talking about the great British summer time, one day and I do mean one day that’s how changeable the weather is. One day it is **very hot …**up to 30 degrees one moment and we have fans in each room; can’t sleep at night because it’s so humid and Im totally exhausted by the morning. I definitely need a shower which is an exhausting exercise when i have no energy to start the day, so after a shower i feel utterly drained. Read more.

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Hope you hear from the urologist very soon!

Nina x

Hello Amazon Lady.

That waiting for a letter business is such a tedious affair. I think the whole process of professional postal communication is truly archaic in today’s world of instant messaging. It reminds me of Miss Bennett waiting for a note from Mr Darcy. It takes up a considerable number of pages in the book.

It must be very frustrating when you’re held up by technicalities, especially when you have made positive progress in cholesterol reduction and weight loss. The weather never helps. The hot days are unbearable-how dare we attempt to do anything constructive? The other days, the days between -6 and 19 centigrade, it’s a case of trying to prevent some bits of us turning into ice blocks while keeping other parts cool. Even in the summer, while my top half is in a tee shirt I use blankets and fluffy slippers.

What do we do? Smile and get on with it? Moan about it and run the risk of being labelled a misery? Or we could just sit there all stoic and impassive. Any way it just seems so unfair. I can’t really come to any conclusion other than the fact that I still have many blessings to count. That’s what keeps me going. Such blessings include this forum and the privilege of communicating with other people drifting along in our crazy MS boat.

Best wishes, Steve.

Hope the antibiotics have cleared up the UTI AL.

Thanks for the blog,

Pat xx