day to day ache and pains

i was dianosed 14 months ago with rrms . it floored me parelised me from the brest down 2 huge relapses 3 weeks apart . It has left me with loads of pain and stifness . Ifeel very alone and could do with talking with some people going through the same or simler . if anyone wonts to talk . Whats your simptoms What do you feel like eatch day ??? anyone

Hi Sashaboo,

You’ve aked question what will be debated over and over again.

You are not alone, the majority of people on this forum have or are going through the same situation.

Unfortunately, MS is so different in all cases.

Some of us are effected in individually with no one the same just similar symptoms, from aches and pains to complete reliant on carerers.

Some dayswe feel like s–t, others we could take on the world !!

Don’t let your MS take over your world. Andy