Czech health care system- Fantastic experience

Hello board,

I’m a very occassional member of these boards but was dxd 10 years ago at 16, very ill for the first 2/3 years then well for the next 7/8 and ended up moving to Prague, Czech Republic (though I’m British). I had a relapse recently and still have very minor symtoms but ended up seeing a neurologist here in Prague on Friday. She sent me for an MRI yesterday and was in hospital today for a LP and steroids but just wanted to post here about what a fantastic, professional, helpful healthcare team I’ve had- all the drs spoke excellent English and the nurses, although they didn’t generally speak much English, it was more than enough to get by and the dr was normally present with them so language wasn’t a problem. The food was better than the UK in my experience too!!

I’ve go togo back every day this week to continue the steroid treatment but the dr let me do this a an outpatient which is great!

So if you are thinking about moving here or coming to stay don’t let health concerns put you off- make sure you have the European health care if you’re just visiting and all you’ll have to pay is 100czk a day (about five quid) as that’s the flat fee for every day spent in hospital.

Has anyone else experienced healthcare in the Czech Rep? I’d be very interested to compare stories!


This is so good to hear - l have a dear friend who is in a hospital in Thailand - after an accident - where he was knocked off his cycle by a scooter. His hip joint has been smashed into his pelvis - so quite serious. He has been operated on and is now waiting to recover enough so he can return home. He has nothing but praise for the care and expertise he has recieved in the Thai hospital. He says it is better then any private hospital he has been in here in UK.

At the same time - a friend’s niece [with ms] has been waiting for a ‘urgent’ heart op - she has been prepped and taken down to the operating theatre 3 times - and then sent back because they do not have space and staff to attend her.

Can you imagine the stress this young woman is suffering - everyday her health is deteriorating.

Can l ask? ls MS - very prevalent in Czech.

At £5 a day you have hit the jackpot! - lt costs me £3.60 - just to park to get in for an appointment - then if l am more then an hour it goes up.


That’s terrible for your friend’s niece with the heart problem, I hope its gets resolved quickly.

I have no experience of Thai hospitals either but I’m glad to hear abut your friend’s excellent treatment :smiley: Sounds like a very nasty accident though. Is he back in the UK now?

There are several treament clinics for MS in Prague alone and people (on the street, ie, not medical staff) are about as aware of it as they are in the UK, ie, little hit and miss and some misconceptions but overall most people are understanding.

I’ve just done a bit of research and the Czech Republic has about 13000 people with it (in a population of 1 million) compared to the UK with 85000 (but obviously a much higher population!), not sure what that is like for like though-i’m terrible at maths, nothing to do with MS, just terrible at it!!

However, I’m now onto my next problem- the dr who gave my the LP is a neurologist though I don’t think he’s an MS specialist, is fantastic and i can’t fault him at all but the dr I’m under is a specialist MS neuro but, how to say this, you all know the type- I just get the feeling she isn’t really listening and doesn’t care what I have to say. Could you rememind me, in the UK you can ask for a second opinion of treatment from another doctor befiore starting drugs can’t you? I will have an app with my new neuro in a month and will ask for a 2nd opinion as I have a feeling she’ll be pushing me to go on interferons but I have my reservations. Trying to focus on the fact this will be a whole month away yet though and just get on with taking the host of drugs I’ve been given and all the infusions I have to go in for til Sat. Just having very bad stomach problems as I didn’t take the stomach meds this morning as I had only the precription but not the meds and went and got and took them after today’s steroids and not before- won’t be doing that again though!

Thanks in advance,