CSYNC autoinjector

Hi everyone, has anyone heard of this? had a letter yesterday inviting me to attend a clinic to show me how to use this new autoinjecter.I was only in ms clinic 3 weeks ago & nobody mentioned it!!! wouldnt mind but clinic is 30 miles away, tried to phone ms nurse but no answer, left message, but as yet no reply. Im on Copaxone, very curious! Tracey xx

Yes, this is Teva’s new injector to replace the Autoject 2. It does offer a load of special features, most of which could be found in the old one, but seems to be a follow on to the double dose, every other day, version of Copaxone (which should make them more money.

Look at:

If i were still on Copaxone, I would stay with the old Autoject 2 (hey, I think I have a spare one somewhere) untill I had convinced a neuro to write me up for one of the new DMDs.


Thanks Geoff, will look at that! just came out of the blue & always nobody mentioned it!!! Tracey x

I just got the new CSYNC injector after transitioning to double dose copaxone due to living abroad now for a while. Just tried it first time tonight and I have to say it’s definitely NOT an improvement. In fact, I had to push it so hard to my belly that I got scared and kept flinching (used the old one for two years so no I’m not scared of the needle) it’s just that with all these new bullshit features and “soft grip” blaha, they forgot to make a proper mechanism to drive the needle which is the most important thing with an injector in the first place. People use it to not have a bad experience with the fucking needles, and they make this a horror show to use. And it feels like a piece of low quality plastic s**t compared to the old one. That says quite abit about its quality seeing as the old one was hardly state of the art.

Sorry for this rant but as a product designer myself I only get sad when I see things like this developed and marketed as an improvement, which it is clearly not as I couldn’t even use it once. I’m staying with the old one.

If anyone from their company reads this and wants some proper feedback I am happy to help.

I had the same issue, the new injector is so hard to use as you have to press down that hard it leaves a mark before the needle even goes in. Am lucky I still have the old one so going to continue using that.

I have exactly the same problem Gabbs. I have had to throw away two injections as the needle just wouldn’t penetrate. This was injecting into the hip area, where I now have a very sore bit that is painful when I lie on it. I have reverted too old one. too. I just hope they will continue to produce this one.