critical life insurance

My son applied for this, and has been told that he will not be covered for MS seeing that I have it. It seems it’s heredity with some things and another time it isn’t. I have always told my family that their chances of having it are no more than anyone else. Maybe I was wrong. Jill

Hi Jill, The risk is much higher than for somebody with no MS in the family, but still pretty small - if that makes sense? The chances of having MS are only slight in the first place (yeah, I know that’s not much consolation to those of us who have it). So a big increase in a slight risk is still…only a slight risk. When I took out critical illness insurance, I’m sure I was never asked whether there was MS in the family. And if I had been, I’d have said no, because I didn’t find out 'til after I was diagnosed that a fairly distant auntie (nanna’s sister) did have it. I think it’s very unusual for insurers to probe to that level of detail, and your son has been rather unlucky. But he wouldn’t gain anything by lying about it, because it invalidates the insurance anyway. I’m guessing he can still insure against all the other stuff, just not MS? Tina

Many Thanks for your reply Yes he is covered for everything else. I will tell him to shop around Jill