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My daughter has applied for life insurance and the critical illness aspect has special terms imposed. That is they will not pay a claim ‘if the critical illness arises from MS or any disease or disorder of the central nervous system’. I have contacted my consultant who has confirmed that MS is not hereditary. Has anyone had this problem before and did they get the policy changed to include claims for the above?



Hi Julie …and welcome!

I had real problems getting any life cover once I’d been diagnosed. In fact, several companies refused outright. I had to go thru the MS Society to get any kind of cover, and that turned out to be a way of taking my money without any risk of actually paying out …so typically ‘insurance’ - just a legalised con

If you don’t mind me asking, who’s requesting this life cover?


MS is NOT hereditary. There is a genetic element so that children of MSers are more likely to get MS, but there are multiple factors involved so that genes alone cannot cause MS.

I definitely don’t get the extension to any central nervous system disorder - that’s just an filtered word!

Unfortunately, insurance companies can set whatever terms they like though.

I suggest that your daughter shops about - not all will be the same.

Karen x

MS is not hereditary, nevertheless, blood relatives do have a significantly higher risk than the general population, which is why some insurance companies won’t cover it if a first degree relative has been diagnosed.

I don’t think you will get the insurance company to change it, just because your consultant confirms it’s not hereditary. They’d still be accepting a higher than average risk.

You might be able to find another insurance Co. that is not so fussy, but I don’t think you’ll get the present company to budge, if that is their policy, based on assessment of risk.

I had critical illness insurance for some years, through work, and oddly enough, I can’t recall ever being questioned about the health of other members of the family, or even my own medical history, prior to taking out the insurance. I guess some insurers want more background than others.

However, one difficulty is that once your daughter KNOWS of circumstances that have led to her being turned down by another insurer, she is technically under a duty to disclose them, whether asked about it or not. If she chooses not to, but later tries to claim for that thing (multiple sclerosis or similar) it may invalidate the claim if it comes to light that she knew, but did not disclose that you already had it.

So rather than keep quiet and pay for insurance that may fail if she tries to make a claim on it, it’s probably better to be honest, and try to find a company that will provide cover regardless. The odds are still very much against it, but IF she were unlucky enough to develop MS in future, the last thing she’d need is to find the premiums she’d been paying for years were worthless, because she hadn’t mentioned it was in the family.


My mom had ms and I found insurance hard to find.

Have a look at www.combinedinsurance.co.uk. I went we these,had very reasonable premimums and they have just paid me out as I was dx Feb no hassle at all.