COVID vaccine made symptoms worse

Has anyone had a reaction to the COVID jab with worsened mobility problems and other ms related symptoms. I had second jab in April but still having worsened symptoms

Hi Julie

I totally agree with you my husband has PPMS and he had his first jab in April and the second one in June, he wasn’t great after the first one but the second jab he was seriously worse, ended up having to call an ambulance, he couldn’t walk and he had no control over his bladder. It took him a week really until he could walk better, but since having these jabs, he now has problems with his eyes. His mobility still isn’t great and has more issues now with his bladder. He has PPMS and not on any medication. Which type is yours?

Mine is Ppms but they have been treating me with fingolomod as my neurologist felt mine was a hybrid form following some significant relapses.

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Just picking what you have said. I had my second jab in April and my mobility has worsened progressively since then. I thought it was progression but it was so sudden. I then saw an article by someone on the internet saying same and started to put two and two together. However the only positive to take atm. I’d rather this than have risked catching covid without being jabbed. Now I’m now going to take up with doctors.

No I have had no feedback re my symptoms so far

Hi, which jab did you get. I had AstraZeneca. My mobility is still worse so crossed fingers it starts to improve

I had the psizer jab. As I posted the strength in my legs has evaporated. Really struggling. My ms nurse hasn’t heard of anyone else she looks after saying same. Just temp sort term effects. Mine had been a good few weeks now.

That sounds very similar to what I’ve experienced. I’m slowly recovering but nowhere near back to normal. A recent MRI showed active lesions so it’s hard to know is AZ vaccine triggered this new relapse

To all.
there seems to be a thread here thst a number of you have had worse increased symptoms after having jabs whichever type. My ms nurse hasn’t heard of any of her patients saying they had been affected. As with all meds they can affect people differently. However I’m going to attempt to contact my Neuro consultant and see if any links. Will post again if anything noteworthy comes up. In meantime stay safe keep me informed of how you are all getting on feeling.

I think I mentioned this on another thread. When I reported my possible reaction to az vaccine to MHRA via the yellow card system they very quickly responded with lots of very specific MD related question. Suggests to me it’s an active line of enquiry for MHRA right now

Hi ,
I’m new here my wife has had an extremely severe reaction to her Astra Zeneca jab in April. It’s SO serious I have now posted a few topics here on it.
I copy here her story, she is 66y, and today is still in hospital (already 5 weeks) and is getting worse everyday, now can barely use her arms!

Up to April 2021 could only walk 50 metres. Mentally she was fine, UNTIL 7th. April 2021 when she received her first COVID-19 vaccine - Astra Zeneca… 8 weeks later began her downhill spiral - her Neurologist cannot determine if the COVID vaccine was a trigger, BUT
she has been stable with her MS condition for years,
Early June 2021 she got- slurred speech, blurred vision, dizzy, loss of taste, She was admitted to hospital for a 3 day course of steroids.
On July 20th. 2021 second COVID-19 vaccine - now loss of appetite, not thinking normal ,confusion, back to hospital and found a duodenal ulcer which was treated then a week of rehab. In hospital. August - still dizzy, slurred speech, vague, no taste, falls asleep watching tv, all symptoms continue, becoming weak difficult getting dressed.
9th September to hospital by ambulance, cannot stand up, not eating etc.diagnosed with UTI infection another course of antibiotics for 10 days.
Today still in rehab,hospital and seriously worse - very confused, can only walk a few steps with 2 nurses and large walking frame, needs help to get to bathroom, cannot write, talks nonsense ,does not read nor watch tv, does nothing all day but sits in a chair. Ct scans, mri’s show no more lesions.
Surely it’s more than a coincidence that her severe decline this year has only occurred since receiving the two COVID vaccines.
. Of course her Neurologist cannot confirm or not whether the vaccines have affected her.

I can only say that I am very pleased my husband decided not to take any Covid vaccines despite everyone, including his neurologist, saying he should! My husband is 60 years old, has SPMS, and is moderately disabled. I did not want him to get worse! We read up on loads of material online, including studies from Germany and Israel, where they stated that if you are on Gilenya for MS, then the effectiveness would be 3% as far as the antibodies against Covid are concerned. It is just not worth taking the risk for this lack of effectiveness!
We were always careful going out and are still wearing masks, up to now we have not had Covid. I took Astra Zeneca myself, had a bad side effect so switched to Pfizer for my 2nd jab. I am double-vaccinated so am protecting my husband in this way. Good luck and take care X