covid Vaccination Booster

I was wondering if anyone has any advice/input?
I had Covid in March 2020, i then had the pfizer vaccinations April and June this year.
After the vaccinations i had a major flareup of gastro problems which led to me being unable to eat and losing 2 stone in weight.
I believe this is related to the vaccination. i also had a major MS relapse 7 years ago when i had the flu jab and havent had one since.
My instinct is not to get the covid booster jab but I feel like i’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. Risk getting covid/ risk having another MS flareup- neither a good option.

Does anyone have any advice or information i could read to help me make my decision please?

Maybe check out this thread:

Also today ‘This week in Virology’ has just done a Q&A on covid including boosters, and tomorrow will be talking about Covid and immunity with Paul Offit who is a virologist who advises the US government.

You can at least book an appointment if you haven’t already done so (though I personally decided I wouldn’t queue at a walk in one given the level of infection at the moment - I’ve gone for a place where it is by appointment slot only, to reduce the wait time and hence number of people I’m in contact with!) You can cancel if you change your mind - it will be snapped up by others. Is your GP surgery offering them?

Here is the link to the TWIV discusion on boosters with Paul Offit who is one of the advisers to the US government. The section onboosters starts at 20:56.

It looks as if Novavax is going to be approved in the UK today. It was approved by the EU yesterday. The UK has a pre-order of 60m doses, and it is made in the UK so should hopefully be available very quickly here. It is a more traditional form of vaccine and appears to have fewer side effects than the MRNA and adenovirus ones (AZ, J & J). It may be of interest to those who have had a bad reaction to Pfizer, Moderna or AZ and are hesitating about boosters or second vaccinations.

I decided last night to cancel my booster that was booked for today as it would have been an MRNA one. I’m hoping that the Novavax is available soon in my area. It is known that the MRNA ones do pass through the blood-brain barrier. As I’ve had my brain damaged by 10 years of botulinum toxin injections, I’m wary of letting other intruders into my brain, so have been hesitant about the MRNA vaccines.

I’ve had x2 Az vaccines and x1 Pfizer. Arm slightly tender at injection site but beyond that all has been fine.