Courses at derby

Hi. I will be attending the courses for people newly diagnosed with MS at derby hospital in the next few week. I just wondered if theres anybody else on this site that will be going?

i was initially diagnosed in april, but apparently, am presenting symptoms “back to front”. i have had mri, lumbar puncture, and 2nd opinion from a consultant, who now confirms I have progressive ms. That’s it. I am not on any treatment, not in any great pain, just shooting pains and chronic cramp, with increasing numbness. My husband is not very supportive, and thinks I don’t do enough around the house, because I don’t look ‘ill’, just extremely exhausted and tired.

Is there any local group i could attend for understanding and moral support|?

Hi Hummingail,

I suggest you repost this as a new topic, because somehow you’ve managed to attach it to a very old question about a course held in Derby over four years ago. That means your apparently unrelated query is likely to get overlooked.

You will get more views and more replies if you start it as a new subject.

In the meantime, though, the “Near Me” part of the site helps you locate MS branches and other resources in your area:

I can’t comment on what the local branches are like, because I’ve never actually joined or been to one. I suppose, like most things, it varies, depending where you are in the country. I know some areas have very active branches that organise social events etc. But some people have been disappointed to get very little input from the branch, beyond a suggestion that they start something themselves!

So luck of the draw, I think. But could be a starting point, anyway.

Has your husband sat in on any of your appointments? I wonder if he needs to hear it from the professionals that MS is a very real problem, and “looking OK” is irrelevant? You cannot see brain lesions!

Of course, I’m sure he would like to think it’s nothing really, and you could do more if you really tried, because we’d ALL like to believe it’s nothing really. That would be so much more comforting and convenient, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately, it’s not true, but don’t be too hard on him for trying to cling to the illusion. He wants everything to be normal - he wants YOU to be normal, so there’s probably a bit of self-deception going on.



Hi Humingail,sorry to hear your not getting the support you need & deserve from your hubby. Let him read the short paragraph on fatigue that is on this web site and many others under MS symptoms. Maybe then he’ll get it. Hope he does soon. Terry x x