Counselling and Dreams

After about six months of counselling re. some issues from childhood I’m finding that most nights I have unpleasant dreams – not nightmares and not connected with the issues which caused the childhood problems. For instance last night I dreamt I was in an exam and panocking because I had forgotten my pen. If this only happened occasionally it would be o.k. but every night is a bit wearing!

I’m having unpleasant panic-style dreams, as well, though I haven’t had any counselling, so can’t blame that as the trigger.

They most often take the form of being lost or trapped somewhere. The common theme is that I have no control - either physically trapped, or no physical barriers, but still can’t escape, because I don’t know the way.

I don’t think it’s a huge stretch to see some reference to MS in all this: a predicament from which there’s no escape.

I think being in a scenario where you’re expected to perform, but have forgotten something crucial, is similar. Again, it seems to be about loss of control. You need to do well, but are foiled by circumstances. Could this be about MS too? You feel it’s stopping you achieving things? I’m sure we all feel like that!

Some of the drugs I’m on are mildly hallucinogenic, albeit not to the point of inducing daytime hallucinations. But I do tend to dream quite vividly. I had to cut down the codeine, in particular, because it was not only giving me hangover-like side-effects next day, but causing me to bite my tongue in the night, and blurring the boundaries between sleep and wakefulness. I began seeing things I knew were dreams, but before I was properly asleep. I think they’re known as lucid dreams: where you’re dreaming, but still aware.

I wouldn’t say they were frightening, but not particularly nice, either. The conscious, non-dreaming part of me was saying: “THAT is not meant to be there! You must be dreaming!”


Hi, even though you dont think the dreams are connected with the things you discuss in counselling sessions, like Tina, I think they are probably connected to MS and everyday struggles to achieve what you want to achieve and the counselling is unsettling your sub-conscious mind when asleep.

I was one for having very busy, vivid dreams, but they seem to have gone now.

Why not tell your counseller and she/he may be able to ease your mind about them.

luv Pollx

Hi I started taking Tizanidine at night for spasticity and since I started to take them I am getting weird dreams. The latest one was a blob of gell falling from the sky and landing on my mobile phone. It caused the mobile phone to melt! Another one was my car being stolen while I was a getting a pay and display ticket! I am hoping that these dreams subside because I wake up exhausted!

Moyna x