Council tax disability deduction

Once you have the disability discount confirmed, if you can prove the situation applied that far back, there’s no reason not to ask for a backdate. Although I suspect 6 years is a bit of a stretch (bear in mind the info re discounts is included in all the stuff sent out with the bills every year - you know, the ones that no one reads!), I see no reason not to ask for April 2018.


I only had the guy from the coucil tax assessment department come and see me. as i needed exra door way space for my wheelchair i was granted it. they never spoke to my GP, he could see i was disabled and saw my wheelchair, its worth applying to be honest, i do think each council will have their own ideas though, and i did have my own home.

Hi, so I thought I’d let you know that I’ve checked on my council page about discounts and I won’t qualify, not on the room 1 and not on the carer 1, I mean can you believe it, it made me swear, we qualified on all the carer 1, apart from the fact that my husband is my full time carer, but guess what he lives with me, yes I kind you not, it said if the carer is a spouse, or parent, how is this right ?

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So just to add, I’ve emailed my MP for Huddersfield about the above, not saying I’ll get anywhere, just had to say something about what I think is a bloody crazy clause.

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That’s a ridiculous rule. A carer is a carer. My nurse has now said she can’t fill in the form and has to be my neurologist so I’m waiting on him getting back to me. My brother is my carer so I will keep you updated on my progress. xx

Thanks for that anon and I agree, its a ridiculous rule, I wait to hear from my MP, or not.

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I was told I was exempt from paying council tax when I started getting pip.

Hi deb74 who told you that ?

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My local council. I was unemployed at the time and had just been given my pip. I can’t remember exactly what happened but I think I had gone to the council to talk about getting more financial help because i was really struggling at the time.

I get it but it’s not much, I get £10 a month off the monthly payment which is huge anyway. Last year I got £25 off so it’s becoming worthless. Next year I expect to see it disappear.

I think it varies from council to council.

it sure is, i got mine because i needed extra room through doors as i had to use a wheelchair, and also i put in a stair lift. carer never came into the issue.

seems each authority interpret rules differently.

i agree jean that seems a really stupid clause. xxx

So bed.74, do you have adaptations ?

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Hi, just a quick update. I am the original poster and just thought I’d give you all an update. I was today told that my application for disabled discount for council tax was approved and backdated to the date I asked in 2018. I gave a letter from my MS nurse in support of my application. It was granted without any assessment of my house. Hope this helps, if in doubt. Apply! The worst they can do is say no.

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Thanks for the update, it’s always interesting when a post gets lots of answers what happened next.

Great news, well done. Backdated is good too.

As you said, it’s worth applying the worst they can say is no and you’re in the same position.

Take care.


Excellent news. I’m so glad. It’s always worth applying. Like I said earlier on this thread, Councils do tend to be reasonable with applying the discount retrospectively.


Great stuff!


My application was done over phone, no home visit or contact with my GP, just had to supply a letter confirming my MS.

Very simple process.