Could this be MS?

I am 56 years old and was diagnosed with Epilepsy in 1987. I was taking Phenytoin for 20 years before I was forced to change my medication, and have now been seizure free since 2007. I know that the Phenytoin can cause, amongst other things Peripheral Neuropathy, and I have been tested for that as for many years now I have been suffering, on and off and to different degrees, pain in the ball of my right foot. My foot sometimes feels like a piece of lead at the end of my leg, like its tightly wrapped up. I have numbness up my legs, the right leg mostly, and at times up to my thighs and on one particular occasion around my rear end. The symptoms are pretty much all the time, but can vary in intensity and I can recall having them for at least 10 years, albeit initially on the sole of my right foot feeling numb, the skin however being sensitive. Some of the time it feels as though I’m wearing tight long socks and although not painful, other than my foot, is more uncomfortable than anything else. I have had numerous tests most along the Neuropathy line which have proved negative, and it was only when I recently read an article that it occurred to me that it could possibly be Relapsing-Remitting MS?? Any thoughts on this would be appreciated before I go to the doctor with this self diagnosis.

Hi Barrie.

I’m currently undiagnosed, and awaiting nerve conduction tests as my MRI was clear. The neuro told me that there are around 400 different conditions with very similar symptoms, and after 8 months of researching for myself, I’ve realised that the neurologist was telling the truth. There is absolutely no way of being to self diagnose a neurological symptom.

I would definitely go to your doctor and have a chat with him. Tell him that after all these years of testing for a peripheral neuropathy and finding nothing, that you’d like to have your mind put at rest that it’s not a central problem instead.

Best of luck with it.